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PR is a great way to boost your brands reach and exposure.

Once you know your product or service is ready to be seen and experienced by the masses, it's time to get yourself some exposure!

Below are some tips to gain PR: 

  • Pitch your product / service to a reputable Blog with a similar target audience to yours
    • Provide them with 3 example story titles, and also let them know that you're happy to hear any suggestions they may have to make the content most suitable for their readers.
  • Pitch some story ideas to the creator of a Podcast with a similar target audience 
    • Again, present up to 3 story ideas in a bullet point format within an email 
    • The more tailored the story ideas to their audience, the more likely you are to receive a response from the receiver

When approaching Bloggers & Influencers, tailor your email directly to them.

They receive numerous email requests per day, so it's important you're speaking directly to them rather than shooting off a spammy / carpet bomb email.

  • Identify Influencers and Bloggers who fit your target audience
    • Google competitors products / services and see which blog articles they appear in
    • Search via hashtags on Instagram relevant products & similar items within your niche to discover which Influencers are talking about these products / services
      • This will help steer you in the direction of who may be good candidates to approach with your news stories

 Did you know:

92% of buyers trust recommendations via word of mouth

70% of buyers trust reviews found online

A combination of both these types recommendations results in a person twice as likely to make a purchase!

  • If you don't have time to research Bloggers & Influencers, hire some help via  Fiverr or AirTasker
  • Other great apps include TRIBE & Hypetap 
  • Once you've built up content with Influencers and Bloggers, it will make it far easier to approach Mainstream Journalists and Press. Creating a track record will give them reason to trust what you are providing has been tried, tested and approved!

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  • Alison Morgan
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