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Instagram Influencer Marketing

While the algorithms continue to change for Instagram as they decide what they want to do with the channel, Influencer Marketing on the Platform is still a popular and effective way for brands to expand their reach.

As many of you would agree, finding Influencers and agreeing on collaboration terms can be extremely time consuming and overwhelming for many. It's also difficult to scale and leaves many brand owners picking up the phone to a PR agent / Social Manager to sort it out for them.

Being on the receiving end of many requests for exposure from brands, along with Business Coaching my clients - I know exactly what to do and how. While that is the case, the solution I provide each client is slightly different, as it's really important to tailor your offering to work best for your business.

Below are some streamlined tips to help you with your Instagram Influencer Marketing Campaigns:

Be savvy 

Learn from what's currently happening on the Instagram platform. There is loads you can learn from what other brands are executing within their campaigns.

Social Media evolves quickly, and so do the way brands utilise the channel. Work out what appears to be converting for other brands, the types of content are they posting and how are they wording their posts...

Looking within your sector, and also explore beyond - keeping in mind your demographic and target audience. 

What's the objective for your Campaign?

You will be far more effective if you have a clear objective which is also measurable.

Give your Influencer creative freedom to create content which will resonate with their audience, however is still 'on brand' for you. Know what you want to achieve, so you can determine if the collaboration is effective. You'll then know whether to do further work with the Influencer in the future.

Feel free to provide the Influencer with a short brief including a mood board to give them direction. Including tags and hashtags within your brief will also allow them to help meet your campaign objectives.  

Pick relevant Influencers to work with

Collaborating with Influencers which aren't a right fit for your campaign is expensive, and can also damage your brand. It goes so much further than choosing people with large amounts of followers who are engaged. 

There are Influencers within every category; Health & Wellness, Fitness, Food, Fashion, Lifestyle, Travel......

The best way to find the right people to collaborate with is through searching via hashtags (particularly event hashtags). Look for high engagement, branding which is in alignment with yours, whether they have a similar target audience and if they have previous posts on their account where they have worked with other brands.

Agree on the content

Once you’ve found the relevant Influencers, contact them individually and introduce yourself and your brand.

Elements to discuss once you've found out whether they are interested in knowing details include: timeframe, content required, usage rights, contra or payment.

Gain mileage 

Repost the content they create on your Social Media channels. Perhaps even place this on the product page of your website, or in your newsletter.

How can you gain the most mileage from your Influencers content? 

Can you use the image and run it as a Facebook or Instagram ad?

Beyond an Instagram pic, what else can do to collaborate with the Influencer?

Always make sure sure you have prior permission to use your Influencers images, this should be agreed upfront.

When executed well, Influencer Marketing is a cost-effective way to source creative content, develop brand advocacy, and tap into other people's engaged audiences.

Do you need help with your Influencer Marketing? If so, feel free to contact me to see how I can help you. 


 Alison is a specialist Health & Wellness Business Coach who is passionate about coaching Industry players to succeed in business.

Alison has tailored Business Coaching Packages to help you create a thriving business.

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