• 12 Benefits of Daily Dry Body Brushing
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12 Benefits of Daily Dry Body Brushing

I’m a big advocate of following both morning and evening routines.  It’s a great way to align yourself for an amazing day, and enjoy peaceful sleep in the evenings.

In amongst my morning routine, I’m a huge advocate for dry body brushing


Did you know the skin is the largest organ of our body?  The benefits of dry body brushing are enormous, and here’s why…



12 benefits of daily dry body brushing:

  1. Stimulates the skin
  2. Removes toxins 
  3. Glowing skin, making it smooth with a beautiful sheen
  4. Prevents ingrown hairs and bumpy build up
  5. Stimulates hormone and oil glands by unclogging pores
  6. Increases the blood flow which helps tighten the skin (perfect for those that sit at a desk all day!!)
  7. Exfoliates
  8. Increased hydration & absorption of nutrients
  9. Helps muscle tone
  10. Feels so good on your skin
  11. Evens distribution of fat deposits
  12. Reduces cellulite



Things you should know:

  • You can dry body brush before or after your shower
  • Don't brush your legs straight after shaving  
    • Shaving exfoliates the legs.  Brushing over this may irritate the skin.  It’s best to wait a day.
    • Each stroke needs to be brushed approximately 7 times
    • Brush your knees & elbows twice (ie: 14 times)
      • Allows the hardened dry skin to be exfoliated and also increases blood flow.  This is also where toxins are stored.
      • Choose a natural dry body brush which isn’t covered in chemicals 


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Happy Brushing!



  • Alison Morgan
  • health

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