• 7 Tips to Streamline your Business
  • Alison Morgan
7 Tips to Streamline your Business

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Running your own business can have you leading an extremely hectic lifestyle.  While it's the toughest and most fulfilling experience rolled in one, there are days spent wishing there were more hours to get ahead and gain some ground!  

A great way of achieving this through streamlining your business.

Look at your operations to see where to become more effective and efficient.  This will create time to drive your business forward.

Here are my tips to streamline your business:

1. Streamline 1 item fortnightly

Set a task for streamlining 1 element of your business every couple of weeks.  Over the course of a few months, notice how many areas you've made more efficient.

2. Use the Cloud

Personally, I use dropbox as my cloud service.  This is an efficient and effective tool for storing & sharing files and images.  I switch between desktop and laptop, so using dropbox saves a huge amount of time.

I also have the app on my phone which allows for checking files when out and about as well as when I'm travelling.  

3. Get Automated

If you find yourself writing or doing the same thing regularly, set up a template.  I have a document which has my bio written in a few different formats as well as various templates which help run my business effectively.

A scanned signature is also particularly handy. This allows me to complete forms online & sign them, eliminating having to scan forms.

You may also have a calmbox, or an auto-reply informing people when you'll respond to their emails.  

Spend 5 minutes thinking about what you could begin to automate...

4. Lessen the Time

Become more effective while you're working.  

Set yourself to-do lists & knock off the priority tasks first thing in the morning.  Having a solid plan for your working day will allow you to work efficiently. 

I often Business Coach clients & create ways for them to be more effective in their business structure.  It's not uncommon for business owners to  spend a lot of time achieving little reward.  It's my job to flip that around so the client is working less hours for a higher reward. 

It's important to know that when you first set up a business, no matter what, hard yards are involved.  After a few years, you can become more effective and work slightly less hours for a larger return.  

Have a good look at your business model and work out how to structure it in this way.  If you need help with this, email me

5. Don't work late, get up earlier

I'm a huge advocate of getting up early so you can relax in the evenings.  I get up too early (I know that), but this works for me.  It allows time for exercise during the day, picking the kids up from school, taking them to their activities then having the evening free with my husband.

I run Business Coaching sessions at 7:30pm a couple of times a week.  I've structured it this way to service clients who are still in their full time job and transitioning into their own business.  While this is the case, I still have ample time with my husband the other nights.

Have a think about how you can structure your working hours more efficiently so there's downtime everyday.

6. Use remote workers

I'm a big fan of freelancer.com and odesk.com  

If you're savvy with who you allocate your jobs to, you can negotiate a good deal and develop lasting relationships with your freelancers.

Delegate jobs and free up some time at a great price!

7. Review your services / products regularly

As a small business, I think it's important to review (and streamline where possible) your offerings every 4-6 months.  This takes you into the planning phase where you'll start revisiting your vision, messaging and execution.  

I love working on this aspect with clients. I can save them a lot of money and time by making sure they're selling the correct services and products for their business.

If this element isn't working properly, the business isn't thriving.  A lot of time is then spent 'chasing tails' for little return with huge exhaustion.  This is why so many small businesses give up.

All businesses can be successful if the owner is happy to be flexible in their approach, and dig deep with their Planning & Marketing.  This is part of the streamlining process. 

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