• The power of being direct with your communication
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The power of being direct with your communication

Photography by Maya Vidlich

Too often people don't say what it is their business is or does when they communicate with their audience.  One of the reasons is due to being self-conscious and not wanting to put themselves out there in fear of rejection.  

I know it's scary, however, if you have your own business, you have to let go of being self-conscious and just get out there.

Say what it is you do.  Speak to your audience in a direct manner & let them know what you can offer them - in a way that's informative.


  • I am a Business Coach who specialises in helping small businesses in the Health & Wellness Industry reach their business goals.
  • I identify ways to achieve a successful business without needing a large Marketing budget.

Can you see my examples above are stating exactly what it is I do in a direct manner?

If you find yourself communicating everything BUT what it is that actually drives your business, make sure you stop and have a think. Be clear with your business vision, then create succinct communication messages in line with your message.

Yes, communication needs to be varied and include lifestyle, emotion and fun - however the underlining tone and message needs to be your vision for the business.

If you need help with finding your voice and communicating your service or product, drop me an email.

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  • Alison Morgan
  • Business Coaching

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