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Becoming healthy for increased productivity

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Becoming a healthier version of yourself is one of the most energizing and rewarding improvements you can possibly make. Through creating healthier habits, you will be radiating positivity which will provide a renewed vigour you may well have been craving.

Adjust your lifestyle to become more active, swap for healthier versions and inject passion in areas where it may have been lacking.

Below are my top tips for becoming a healthier yourself and increase your productivity!

Find your life purpose: 

Dig deep to find your passion and incorporate it within your daily life.  

To find your passion, ask yourself a lot of 'why's'.  Go back to you childhood and search for clues of what it was that made you happy and excited.

Through a culmination of your past, skills, personality and preferred lifestyle - you'll be well on your way to finding your passion in a unique way! 

Clean Eating:

Today’s food marketing is incredibly confusing. What we are lead to believe is healthy is too often not the case.

As we know, food plays such a vital role in our health, happiness and lifestyle.  Through avoiding processed foods and high sugar options, this will have an impact on your health and wellbeing.

Keywords to search via google for clean eating options include clean eating and sugar free recipes.  Instagram is also an ideal place to find inspiration for clean food!

Increase fibre intake:

It's important to ensure your digestive system is working effectively. Be sure to drink water and herbal tea to stay well hydrated. 

Fibre will also keep your digestive system in working order. If you're wanting to increase your fibre intake, SkinniMini is a blend of 7 superfoods which adds natural fibre to your diet. This helps to reduce bloating, improve digestion and give you an increase in energy!

Exercise and Daily Movement:

Active living is fundamental in creating a healthier version of yourself, and in turn become more productive in your work & life. Too often we find ourselves stuck at a desk, or in the car or at meetings.

Where possible, take the active approach to daily duties, and make a conscious agreement to keep up regular exercise. All in the name of health and happiness!


I can’t speak highly enough of meditation.  I'm a huge advocate of Transcendental Meditation.  

We live in a busy world with information overload driven largely from technology. Learning the art of meditation allows you to have stillness which calms the soul.

Meditation increases productivity, happiness and lowers stress. Did you know that 20 minutes meditation is equivalent to 3 to 4 hours sleep?

Have Sufficient Sleep:

Sleep is absolutely essential for your wellbeing, boasting a number of valuable health benefits. Not only does a decent nights sleep provide a well rested body ready to tackle the next day, it has also improves memory, productivity and reduces stress levels.

 To increase productivity in your business, check out the details for my Business Coaching for Health & Wellness Businesses.  

If you have a business in 0-5 years of operation, I'm here to help you reach your Business Development Goals and take your business to the next level.

You can also contact me at info@relauncher.com.au for further details.

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  • Jun 10, 2014

    Thank you for today’s blog & gentle reminders Alison – these healthy habits can often be overlooked in a busy working day but make all the difference to your overall wellbeing.

    — Samantha Lippiatt

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