• Top questions to ask before you undergo cosmetic surgery
  • Alison Morgan
Top questions to ask before you undergo cosmetic surgery

Whether you're mulling over cosmetic surgery for medical, beauty or health reasons, it's important to weigh the pros and cons carefully. Be sure that you're ready to take the plunge by asking the following questions first. 

Questions to Ask Yourself

Are you thinking about a touch of Botox to get rid of those rapidly-spreading wrinkles, or undergoing liposuction to get rid of stubborn belly fat that won't budge? See if you can answer these questions

1.  Do the pros outweigh the potential complications?
There are risks to any medical procedure, and cosmetic surgery is no different. Before you jump in, be sure that you understand the potential complications and you feel the benefits outweigh these. 

2.  What are your expectations?
What do you hope to gain from the surgery? You should have a clear motivation, whether it's for health-related reasons or to work towards a physical goal. Define your expectations for the surgery and recovery, so that you can discuss these with your doctor. 

3.  Are there any alternatives to try first?
Have you already tried alternative approaches? Before you go in for liposuction, it may be worth spot-training to lose weight and target trouble areas of your body, for example. Diet, exercise, and alternative therapies may all help you boost your self-esteem, and take years off of your perceived age.

4. Do you have a realistic outlook?
Cosmetic surgery can potentially make you look fitter and younger, but it's not a magic path to happiness. If you expect to suddenly meet the love of your life and get a promotion simply based on a face lift, you may be disappointed when reality doesn't match up your expectations. 


Questions to ask your Doctor

If you have done a bit of research and feel like you're a good candidate for a breast augmentation with Dr Jeremy Hunt or other procedure, the next step is to sit down for a consultation with a plastic surgeon. You'll achieve the most positive results if you foster an atmosphere of open communication and discuss your goals and expectations clearly.

Be sure to ask the following:
1. What are your qualifications?
Find out where the doctor went to medical school, and whether he or she has had training specifically in cosmetic surgery. Ask if they are members of any professional associations and if they are certified by a Board of Plastic Surgery in your area.

2. How many years of experience do you have?
Although a newly trained plastic surgeon may be quite talented, it's worth asking to find out just how many years the doctor has under his or her belt. For more complicated procedures, you may feel more comfortable working with someone who has years of experience.

3. How many times have you performed this specific procedure?
Similarly, it's ideal to choose a surgeon who is familiar with the procedure you're interested in, and who has performed it on numerous patients in the past. Ask to see before and after photos.

4. Am I a good candidate for the procedure?
Discuss whether or not the doctor feels that you would be a good match for the procedure or not. Find out what type of recovery period you can expect, and what type of assistance and follow-up care you'll receive. You can find out more about potential risks, complications, and other outcomes to help you make your decision.
Armed with this information, you'll be in a better position to make your decision!

  • Alison Morgan

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