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Q & A with The Local Harvest Collective


The Local Harvest Collective is owned and run by Talia Smith. A mini-farmer's market, but with a more direct approach.

Organic, seasonal fruit and veggies delivered in a sack to your doorstep - or simply choose to pick it up from Surry Hills...

Q. How do you source the weekly produce?

The produce selected from our farmers has to be freshly harvested - in fact nothing we supply is harvested more than a few days before Saturday. We believe it's more important to support our local farmers and offer fresh, nutritious produce as opposed to organic produce which has travelled half way around the country and is not so fresh. 

We like to include an item each week that probably most people haven't cooked with before so that our customers can learn about different produce and be challenged a little with something new. 


Q. What is your food philosophy? 

I choose to eat for reason and meaning in a way which is balanced, nourishing and respectful to the produce I'm using, as well as to myself.  

The Local Harvest Collective was created after I found out I was pregnant. Having worked in hospitality as a cook for 8 years, I wanted to create something positive and unique of my own that combined my years of experience in the kitchen whilst waiting for my baby to be born. 

I feel passionate about The Local Harvest Collective's ability to showcase local produce and make it accessible. We're encouraging people to get out of supermarkets and keep away from buying takeaway, nourishing themselves with local, honest produce that was still in the ground days prior.

I choose a selection of vegetables, herbs and fruits.  We pack it in a recyclable canvas tote and offer a pickup spot for our customers. Accompanying this bounty is a bunch of locally grown flowers or foliage - of which we are very passionate about.

I'm creating a community which shares their ideas and works together to improve the way we live. 

Q. Do you have any plans for extending the business? 

We are about to open our very first shop front in Marrickville next to Enmore Park at the new Brickfields Bakery site.  

We will have a market selection of produce, an amazing cold larder section, as well as hot baked bread and pastries fresh from the ovens, all accompanied by quality filter coffee and tea.

We will set up some big picnic blankets in the park and the community can enjoy some winter sunshine and make some new friends. 

Beyond that, who knows! I do know this is only the beginning.

 The Local Harvest Collective
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