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Online Store Shopping Express


I'm always keen for a good deal when shopping at this time of the year - especially when it comes to shopping for gadgets!  I'm excited to have recently heard about Shopping Express.

The site offers discounts on the latest high quality products ranging from electronics through to a variety of household gadgets.  

It's the perfect site to check out before making your way to the shops - you're sure to find a good deal.  In fact, there are 2 pressies on this site I'm going to buy my husband for Christmas - but won't write what it is here in case he reads it....lol

Moving on...., I recently picked up my new FitBit from this site.  I went on a retreat earlier this year and everyone had a pedometer across a variety of brands.  It was that moment I realised I desperately wanted one myself.

I must say, I've become quite (very!) focused on doing extra steps each day.  I received my weekly stats email yesterday saying I've done 77,963 steps this week with a total distance of 57.58km.  Not bad seeing as I sit at my desk a lot!

Make sure you have a look through the site and see if it helps you with your Christmas shopping list!

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