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Helping your Business stand out amongst the noise


We can thank the evolution of Social Media for allowing so many Small Businesses to exist.

More than ever before, it's become more accessible to market services & products to your ideal target audience if you're talking to the online community.  

Most people have one or many social platforms, whether it's Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Flickr....the list goes on.

The hurdle then becomes making your business stand out amongst the noise.

Below are some tips to be seen, heard AND engaged when it comes to your Small Business:

  • Know exactly what it is you're marketing
    • sounds simple but is very often overlooked
  • High quality, high value.  Every time.
  • Be a specialist
    • don't aspire - just be it
  • Have a high-standing reputation
  • Create a rapport with your clients and customers
  • Encourage your community to share their experience of your business with their friends and online communities
  • Be so good at what you do (or an outstanding product) that people can't help but talk about.  
    • Be known for what you do well
  • Use social media as a communication platform.  Make it engaging
    • If it's not engaging - it's telling you lots of things and it's time to work out what's wrong
  • Growth and evolution is a must to keep your audience coming back for more
  • Provide valuable information 
  • Announce your win's (humbly)
  • Know your 5 key people (your trusties) which can vouch for your business. Treat them like gold.
  • Know the trigger points for your customers and communicate solutions - at the right time
  • Cement yourself as a guru in your field
  • Be the best, network and achieve excellence

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  • Alison Morgan
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