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Stop overwhelm in your Small Business

Do you find yourself lying awake at night churning over your 'to do' list?  

Do you ever get sweaty palms, a thumping heart, or spinning head whilst sitting at your desk wondering which task to attack first?


It's important to STOP this overwhelm today 

Overwhelm hinders your business from moving forward at the rate it should.  PLUS it's not good for your health to have your mind flitting from one uncompleted task to the next.

Racing between work, family life, household chores and back to your growing 'to do' list & emails while seeing your competitors power along....well it exacerbates the situation doesn't it...

I'm here to help you 

Below are simple actions to STOP the overwhelm in your Small Business:


Set time aside to step away from your to-do list.  

Diarise 1-2 days where you focus solely on creating a plan, time and focus for your business.

Understand exactly what you want to achieve from your business. What's your vision for your business, your long term goal and your short term goals.

Get specific and make sure each goal is a stepping-stone towards your vision - that's the key!  You business messaging, branding and strategies must ALL align with your vision - STAT.

Less Work - More Direction


Realise your strengths and weaknesses.  

Weaknesses or time sapping tasks need to be outsourced.  

Work towards structuring your business so that 70% of your time is spent on revenue generating tasks.

You must also know your worth.  How much are you worth as an hourly rate?  Any tasks you're undertaking which would cost you less than your hourly rate should be outsourced.

My favourite outsourcing companies include: My Virtual Workforce (these people are my rock), Freelancer, Odesk Fiverr just to name a few.

Hire additional staff via Pedestrian TV (I've found fabulous staff through posting jobs on this site!)

Referrals - one of the many reasons why Networking is a big key to the success of your business

Manage your staff using the free app Asana


Once you've gained clarity, direction and shuffled your workload so that you're main focus is on Business Development, Marketing, Servicing Clients / Customers & generating new leads - you know you're sorted.

You are accountable for your business and its success

Every business is capable of full success if structured correctly.  None of it has to do with luck - it's because of YOUR actions.

All my clients receive a prioritised Action Plan.  This is their tool to help them move forward.  It's literally a list they go through and cross off once they have completed the tasks.  That feeling of moving forward and turning dreams into reality shifts mindsets, blockages as well as reaching brand new heights.

Do you need clarity, direction and structure so you can fast-track your business?

I have tailored Business Coaching Services for the Health & Wellness Industry designed especially to help you reach your goals and create a successful and enjoyable business

Feel free to drop me an email if you would like to have a chat about Business Coaching


  • Alison Morgan
  • Business Coaching

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