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Speaking tips

Many people in the Health & Wellness Industry connect with their audience via workshops, podcasts, webinars and videos.  It's a fabulous way to educate your community and provide a greater understanding of your 'About'.

Personally, I love running my workshops and events.  There's nothing like getting out from behind the computer and really connecting with the community face-to-face.

Below are my top tips for preparing and delivering an effective presentation:

1. Depending on the length of your presentation, have a maximum of 5 core messages to deliver
    • For my workshops, I generally work on 2-3 core messages

2. Introduce new points within the core message approximately every 7-10 minutes

3. Cover less content and speak further on individual points.  This avoids overwhelm.

4. Repeat important points and allow time for the audience to absorb your topic

5. Tailor your presentation to your audience  

    • I do this by sending an electronic survey to my attendees prior to the workshop / event.

6. Make your presentation interactive rather than passive

7. Create clear call-to-action so they know where to find you after the workshop

8. Drive the audience to your website after the presentation

9. Encourage the attendees to sign up to your newsletter list  

    • This is best done prior to the presentation as part of the registration process.


Want to learn more about how to connect with your audience and create a responsive community?

You can find out more about my Business Coaching Services here, or simply drop me an email!

  • Alison Morgan
  • Business Coaching

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