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Online Buying

Australia is a large nation, with a total area of almost 8 million square kilometers. This means that it takes a lot longer to get around, to go visiting your friends and families, and going on holiday often means long drives in the car or expensive plane tickets.

But one of the major obstacles that this huge amount of space it throws up means it becomes quite difficult to move products around. To stock the stores that we buy almost all of our goods from requires an enormous amount of trucks to be driving around all the time. A truck driver once told me that because they are so expensive that they have to be moving around pretty much twenty four seven. 

Whenever the driver stops for a break or there are repairs to be done or any other reason that the truck is off the road it is literally losing money. But of course this really isn’t a problem because in a country like Australia there is never a shortage of work, there is pretty much an endless supply of goods that need shipping around from a port where they’ve arrived from overseas or a manufacturing plant in Australia.

So what a lot of consumers in Australia are finding is that it takes a long time for their local stores to receive the products that they want or need. The can search online and find a detailed description of some product they want, say a pair of shoes or a new piece of musical equipment, and they want to be able o go to the local store and purchase it. But then they are told by the store proprietor that this particular item is ordered and on the way but might not be there for a number of weeks.

This is because of the backlog of other transport needs being attended to by all the transport trucks in the country. Thus the consumer is frustrated at the slow pace it takes products to reach their local store and they go online to see what solutions might be found, which is where they discover that you can purchase directly from the website of the company who makes the product, and then they can ship it to you using a private services that will reach you faster than what it would have by the traditional methods.

And not only that but the product is often considerably cheaper in the online sale than at the shop. Although you will usually be stung with extra shipping costs that you wouldn’t have paid for. But you’re eliminating the middleman of the traditional store!

This new way of shopping has been embraced by the Australian people and the industry is worth over a billion dollars in Australia. We must of course spare a sad thought for the tradition retailers who have been hit the hardest from this new trend but unfortunately that is just the way of the world, the sooner they adapt and get with the program the sooner they will still have business to sell. You can buy literally anything you could think of online now; clothes and shoes are of course the obvious one but you can also get your entertainment (legally), your news, latest technology, building materials, home furnishings, even food! Most supermarkets have an online shopping service and often they will deliver the products to your door, not just food but anything the supermarket sells, for instance did you know that you can buy supplements online in Australia. That’s right, the Internet has created a totally game changing environment for the retailing business.

  • Alison Morgan

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