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Transparency Marketing for your #mindfulbiz

Transparency Marketing is a growing trend

Being yourself and providing information about your offering in an honest and conversational tone allows you to establish trust with your audience.

When executed well, being transparent with your audience has the capability of increasing your followers and in many instances, your sales

Always remember:

  • simplify your communication
  • be real
  • be you
  • provide 100% correct information
  • carry your message throughout the various channels of your business
  • your service / product offering must be in line with your communication
Don't try to win points by being anything else

    Simply taking a cruise through Instagram, Facebook and other Social Media Channels shows this fast growing approach for building brand awareness and business growth.

    There is also a very fine line between being transparent and sharing too much

    I teach my clients that generally speaking, it's 80% business : 20% lifestyle.  This often changes depending on the individual business - however sprinkling lifestyle in your communication allows the audience to connect on a more personal level, creating a longer-lasting relationship.

    Social Media 

    Create an interactive social media feed. Creating 2-way dialogue allows for information to be shared, which increases your reach.

    Create a unique hashtag for your community to use and interact with.  There needs to be a benefit to them to use the hashtag - what's the value to your customer?

    Always be real, genuine and helpful.

    There is the ability to achieve a large amount of business via Social Media.  Remember to have a clear call to action - so your audience can find your website with full information.


    Always have up-to-date reviews, praise and testimonials available on your website and social feeds.

    You can see examples via my website, Facebook and Instagram.

    Quick Real Content

    In this incredible digital age, we have the ability to share short videos quickly.  Providing rough unedited content shows the real you - it's transparent.

    Depending on your business, I suggest you don't share format of content as a long-term plan.  Either sprinkle it through your professionally presented content or use it as a springboard to leap onto your next phase. (I'm a sprinkler!)

    This raw content allows for a true insight into your offering and your brand.  Oh - and it costs nothing$$!

    How can you become transparent with your marketing to add value to your audiences experience?

    Alison is an expert Health & Wellness Business Coach, and can help you connect with your audience in a manner which is true to you and your values 

    • Alison Morgan
    • Business Coaching

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