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Removing distractions from your work day

A fundamental principle for productivity is focus

So often we hear people mention they are time poor - however if you flip it around and set yourself objectives to fulfil within your available time, all of a sudden the playing field changes!

Today's blog post is all about eliminating distractions so you can fly through your to-do list and then jump for joy at the end of the week knowing you've reached your goals.

Tips for removing distractions:

  • Recognise your distractions
    • Write a list of what's distracting you
    • As your week progresses, and you come across additional distractions - add them to your list
  • Set aside time at the beginning of the following week after you've recorded all your distractions and work on an Action Plan
    • If emails are distracting you, turn your inbox into a Calm Box (this is what I've done).  
      • The wording I have after my signature reads; This is a Calm Inbox: email is checked once in the AM and once in the PM.
    • Whatever your distractions - make yourself accountable. Create solutions to deal with each distraction.  More often than not, they are reoccurring and need to be 'pocketed' for another time in your schedule, 'eliminated' altogether or 'outsourced'
    • Blocking 'pocketed' distractions into a common time within your day / week is a highly effective way of working
  • Many people add a variety of projects to their workload which actually takes them off-course to reaching their dream goal.  These projects are distractions which don't allow you to complete the last project.... sound familiar???
    • You can read more about completing projects
    • Consider additional collaborations and new projects a distraction unless they are driving you towards your long term goal.  
      • There is a time a place for new campaigns and collaborations - and if that is actually what they are, that's fabulous!!  
      • If you take a step back and realise the new projects and collaborations are actually a distraction from what you should be doing with your biz, then have a think whether you delay the project until your current workload is nearing completion, or delete it from your mind and to-do list.

Caveat: (there is always 1 isn't there?!)

There is always room for welcome distractions - without it, work and life can be pretty dull.  

It's up to you to recognise what's a good healthy fun distraction and those which are destructive to your journey as Biz Owner.

Below are some of my personal distraction elimination techniques:

  • Emails are checked once in the AM and PM
  • Social Media is checked morning, lunch, evening (sometimes afternoon too depending on the particular day)
  • When at my desk, I have Concentration Music playing via Spotify (it's amazingly brilliant at helping concentration. I also play this during Biz Coaching consultations)
  • Smart phone notifications are OFF
  • Have plenty of breaks are in my diary.  This is when I catch up on the things which would have otherwise been considered a distraction.
  • My weeks are planned, so I know exactly the focus for each day (the week prior)
  • I know the times of my day where I have accelerated productivity - so my days are planned in this way to maximise output
  • I outsource nearly everything that takes up time and brings me off course from my core proposition of Biz Coaching, Servicing Clients, Speaking Events, Workshops and Building the Business
    • I have a team of 6 behind the scenes.  Life Changing!

I hope this article helps you to stay on purpose and motor ahead!

Remember to make yourself accountable, others aren't interested in excuses.  You know what you have to work with, your time constraints and distractions.  

Recognise. Realise and then go for it!!  

Have fun while you're at it too:)

Do you have difficulty remaining productive and accountable for your working week?

I have tailored Business Coaching Packages where we can focus on tasks and strategies to bring your projects to life - and make your biz work for you within your lifestyle.

Simply drop me an email to see how I can help you!


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