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Stockpiling ideas

I often talk about 'stockpiling' with my clients.  Today I'm going to talk about 'stockpiling' ideas which you can then use on demand. These ideas can then be repurposed to suit the medium you'd like to execute the idea within.

You can choose to keep your stockpile in Evernote within a notebook or a folder within Dropbox (or if you have another storage solution - go for it)!  You also need to be able to access the files from your desktop, laptop and phone at all times for this to be most effective (so make sure you download the relevant app on your phone).

The reason for stockpiling ideas is that it allows you to approach your work so you can revisit, rework and customise the ideas to suit your audience in the particular channel. Quickly and efficiently. (e.g. so you can repurpose the ideas on social media, blog posts, newsletters, campaigns, speaking events etc).  

Benefits for having a stockpile of ideas:

  • Your ideas are on hand, allowing you to produce work quickly when needed
  • Your ideas are ready to go, as you've already put thought into them
  • You become an expert on each your stockpile of ideas as you gain layers of knowledge within these areas
  • It's an efficient and effective manner to work (yayyyy!)

Below is a system for stockpiling ideas which I use: 

  • Work on a new idea once every 5-6 weeks (or whenever suits / have time) 
  • Store you 'idea' in Evernote / Dropbox / whichever e-storage solution works best for you, and create a subfolder for the new idea
  • Include as much information for the idea as possible 
    • Create a set of key messages and layers of information
  • If you come up with thoughts on-the-go (this is very me!), you can add to this file by accessing the folder via your phone (I do this all the time!)
  • When needed, you can then draw upon your piles; 
    • adding, subtracting and turning an idea into the most effective format for your particular audience 
  • Make sure each of your 'piles' are vastly different, and ensure they add value to your audience

If you haven't worked like this before, go ahead and give this a try for 1 idea.  If you find this is of value to you and your business, schedule in time the following month or so to create a 2nd idea file.  

Creating efficient ways of working can feel like it slows you down at first, however once you've created the process and become used to it, gaining time will allow you to do more valuable tasks to build your biz!

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  • Alison Morgan
  • Business Coaching

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