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Podcast: Branding and Personality

Today, Sarah Holloway, co-founder of Matcha Maiden joins me to talk about Branding and Personality within the Health & Wellness Space.

Sarah is a Mergers and Acquisitions Lawyer at an international law firm, who recently co-founded Matcha Maiden with her partner, Nic.

Having discovered matcha on several of their many overseas adventures, they were surprised to find that Australia was a little late to the matcha party!

An avid health fanatic devoted to combating the long hours and challenging lifestyle of law as best she can, matcha was a must-have for Sarah. With Nic equally hooked on the magic of matcha, they started Matcha Maiden as a humble side project a few months ago, and it has now grown into a global matcha family of nearly 18,000 followers around the world.

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  • Alison Morgan
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