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Tips for time management

It's a common pain area - Time Management!  We are all multi-tasking with the emphasis on Multi...

Today I'm going to take your through my top tips for becoming efficient, with the aim to have you flying through your tasks like a Super Woman (or Man!)

TIP 1: Digital Diary

My favourite diary is Google Calendar.  It syncs to your phone, gives alerts while you're out and about and will keep you on track.

Better yet, you can have someone manage your diary.

Nel (my PA) manages mine (yay to that!).  I've set her up as a user, so she can take control.  This is beyond excellent as it frees me up, and also sends a reminder to my computer and phone with 30 minutes notice so I know what is coming up.

Better beyond better ... when I travel to a different time zone, Nel sets my calendar so it's on local time.  All my entries are adjusted and I never skip a beat.

(Oh, and you can colour code everything in there too.  Pretty!)

TIP 2: Get focused 

There's no point in being busy for the sake of being busy.

Ensure every project is in line with your vision for driving your business forward.

If you feel like you're floundering, be sure to download my Creative Business Planner.  It's the ideal tool to gain focus, clarity and direction!

TIP 3: Take in your surroundings

When you're going from A to B in your day - look up and around. You'll be amazed with the ability to become inspired for future projects, ideas for existing jobs and solutions to problems which are bugging you.

Look outside your niche, social media networks and competitors.

TIP 4: Keep a routine

Create a routine which works with your lifestyle. Map out what you think is going to work best, then refine as you go.

If you're having problems with being accountable, drop me an email. I can totally help you!

TIP 5: Clear up your desktop

Have an uncluttered Computer and iPad screen.  Download my FREE wallpaper here!

TIP 6: Work in blocks

Understand how you work most efficiently.

For me, I work in 1 - 1.5hr blocks with singular work streams.

I also keep 1 day per week meeting and client free (most of the time..).  This allows time to focus on projects as well as business growth and development.

It's very important to understand your own work style - then adjust your work flow to maximise the ups and downs of productivity.

TIP 7: Be clear with your expectations from others

If you have a team, delegate with clear expectations.  There's no point in being unclear because you're too busy, then redoing the work yourself when you're not happy with the outcome.

TIP 8: Plan before the week commences 

Plan your week before it starts.  I usually do this as my last task on Friday.  It's a great feeling and allows you to relax over the weekend!

(I have a Podcast with full details on this coming soon)

TIP 9: Enjoy down time

Diarise downtime in your schedule, and stick to it.  It's incredibly important to reward yourself as well as rest and restore.

We're in it for the long haul, so look after your health, body and mind whilst driving your business forwards!

Alison is a specialist Health & Wellness Business Coach

If you would like help or assistance with time management, seeking clarity or any other Business objective, you can read about Alison's packages here

Likewise, feel free to drop Alison an email to see how she can help you and your business thrive!

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