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How to pick the winning idea in business

Entrepreneurs are constantly coming up with new ideas - that's just the way we are programmed. It's very important however that you narrow your focus when it comes to business, even if you have hundreds of ideas spinning around in your head!

Quite often, these new ideas appear to be very exciting, meaning many Business Owners will begin working on these straight away. Before they know it, they then have a whole heap of mini projects on the go all at once, which often becomes overwhelming and difficult to manage.

When people talk about distractions in business, the first thing they think about are the little distractions, e.g.: emails, multi-tasking and lifestyle management. But when I talk about distractions in business, I'm talking more about those big distractions, such as having too many projects on the table (as well as in your mind)!

In this article I am going to talk you through the ways in which you can ensure you pick that ‘winning idea’... the one that brings you either revenue or some sort of knowledge in line with your business proposition.

vicious cycle often occurs as another shiny new idea pops up. It's easy to become distracted, leaving another unfinished idea. This is when you end up with a whole range of ideas or possibly projects on the go with nothing coming to fruition.

As a Business Coach, many people say to me "I've kind of finished that ebook""It's been in the pipeline for about a year but I've been too busy to finish it"....

This is a classic case of there being too many starting points however not enough finishing points.

It's not until you actually finish and start earning revenue that you begin to reap the benefits. Our aim therefore should be to avoid too many distractions on the to-do list!

Tips for picking the winning idea:

  • Begin by listing all your ideas and working out which is the quickest and easiest idea to implement
  • Ensure that your winning idea is bringing in either income or some sort of knowledge, otherwise this will act as a distraction.
    • Remember it's not all about going for the quick and easy ideas. There has to be a revenue-earning, learning or moving the business forward objective. 
  • Make sure your ‘winning idea’ is in line with your business vision and goals. Projects aren't simply there to keep us busy, we need to ensure these are in line with our business branding and are sending out the right message to your audience. 
  • If you are working on more than 1 project at a given time, ensure you allow enough time to launch each project successfully.
    • Always have a deadline and create milestones to space out the work & launch timings of your projects 
  • Allow yourself enough time to market your project properly and follow-through. Effective marketing ensures that your projects are seen and heard. Without this, your project could be a major flop!
  • Ensure you have a post-launch strategy to gain as much mileage out of your hard work!

Remember, a fabulous way to move forward with your business is through focusing. Focus eliminates distractions and overwhelm.

Once you've picked your winning idea, go with it and don't look back. This will enable you to move forward towards your business goals and create something quite spectacular.

You are in control of your own future. Make it worthwhile.


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