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3 Tips to build your loyal followers


Many people want to know the secret to building a loyal following – i.e.: an audience who find your words and actions inspiring, motivating, captivating and useful

How do you create a community who want to hear from you?

Tip 1: Be YOU

Speak (or write) to your audience in your normal tone, with your words. Don’t worry about how others are communicating with their audience – it’s so important that you are yourself. Being real and down-to-earth is the best and honest way to capture an audience.

Not everyone will be interested in what you have to say, but that’s fine. It’s not about likes and numbers – it’s about connection, trust and eventually, conversions.

Building a community involves two-way interaction. Be sure to answer emails, respond to social media comments and be available to facilitate conversations. Your aim is to encourage interaction between yourself and amongst your community.

Tip 2: It’s not about YOU

Yes, you can give real-life examples and refer examples back to yourself. The important element to remember is that it’s not about you. It’s about the benefit you can provide your audience – useful, helpful information.

Provide this information via Social Media, Blog Posts, Videos, e-books, email opt-ins…

Tip 3: Be consistent

Enough said. Commit to your choice of communication channels, and work out your frequency along with the messages you’ll be delivering. Then stick to it. 

It is so important to be consistent so your audience gets to know you. No-one ever hangs around waiting for you to pop-up in their newsfeed or inbox - it’s up to you to get in front of them.

Through being consistent with your frequency and messaging – your tribe will begin to get to know you well. Ensure information you’re delivering is relevant to your audience and you’ll definitely get noticed.

Know that building a tribe isn’t an overnight operation. You need to work hard, and your followers and audience will begin to grow organically.

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  • Alison Morgan
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