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How to stay motivated

written by Jay Boolkin, founder of Promise or Pay

For some people, being on the go is something that comes naturally, so being active is easy and even enjoyable. But, for many of us, being motivated when we do not feel like doing anything can be a total challenge. It is easy to just lay around on the couch and be lazy all day, but too much of that can be unhealthy. 

So, it is important to be able to find the motivation to get up and move every so often. When you are finding yourself glued to the sofa and need to get moving, try one or more of the tips below and see how quickly you'll be out the door.

Imagine Yourself

Find a photo of yourself looking great while doing something active (this can be a picture from 20-30 years ago — whatever works) and place it where you can see it often. Tell yourself that if you get going with some exercise you will soon look and feel like your old (or young) self again.

Promise Yourself

Whatever it is you need motivation for you can set a goal at Promise or Pay and be ready for some very effective results. The way this site works is, you make a promise to do what you need to accomplish; then, you pledge to pay a set donation to charity if you break your commitment. You can also share your promise with others and get them to donate if you keep it. Research has shown that if money is put on the line, the chances for success on achieving a goal increase up to 72 per cent. That sounds like a sure winner, doesn't it? Plus, it's still a win-win because in the event that you fail to complete your goal at least your money goes to a good cause. Make a promise today and make good on your goals.

Surround Yourself

Surround yourself with people that are often or always active. Being around others that find it easy to stay motivated to exercise will help you stay motivated yourself. Friends who make exercise and activity a habit will most likely be eager to cheer you on and help you keep your own motivation going.

Reward Yourself

Reward yourself with something you love each time you do something active when you do not feel like doing anything. Thinking of that yummy chocolate chip cookie (low sugar if need be), or those cool new shoes you've been eyeing at the mall will get your motivation flowing. Even small rewards like time off to read a book or watch a good movie can be effective. It is always easier to get the motivation juices flowing when there is a worthy prize at the end.

  • Alison Morgan
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  • Sep 29, 2015

    This is such an inspiring post. Too many of us lack motivation and become easily uninspired in something we are working on! We need people like you to inspire us with your words of wisdom!

    So blessed I came across this post!

    Gabriella x


    — Gabriella

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