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Tips to grow your Brand Status

There are so many ways to both maintain and grow your Brand Status. Today, I will take you through a handful of these tips for you to try in your own business!

TIP: A brand should be enduringly relevant 
Once a brand is established, it's just as important it evolves with the community rather then staying stagnant.

New companies are constantly appearing in the marketplace, so it's essential to keep your brand fresh and appealing for your audience. This doesn't necessarily mean a brand relaunch, rather, small refreshes may be all your brand needs.

I've recently undergone this with Relauncher, and have had the Style Guide updated in line with brand. The changes are small i.e.: Marketing Collateral and Social Media Aesthetics ~ however they do make a difference! 

Fundamental aspects within this realm also include delivering authentic and sincere messages to your clients / customers. The brand must continue to build trust at every touchpoint.

 TIP: Emphasis on the Customer Experience

A standout and referral-worthy feature for businesses is the Customer Experience

Spend a couple of hours mapping out your Customer Experience (through your customers eyes). Pinpoint improvements you can implement to make your brand news-worthy from their point of view.

Having your customers / clients relay the message of your brand is far more powerful than it coming from you. Set your business up to generate this type of word-of-mouth. 

TIP: Build trust with your audience

Creating an open communication which encourages engagement helps build trust. In particular, delivering your message across a wide range of platforms also helps install the sense of being real.

I highly suggest engaging in video content, in addition to traditional forms of communication  (video fast-tracks you to instilling trust).

Better yet, live video streaming allows you to connect in real-time with no editing / photoshopping / enhanced improvements. This real connection has the ability to gain instant connection and interaction with your audience in record time.

You'll find Periscope is great for this. Download the app on your phone today!  You can find me at @relauncher where you can gain a sense of how to use this medium.

TIP: Brand Ambassadors and the wider population 
Selecting Brand Ambassadors whose lifestyle align with your business' core values can work in some cases. Brand Ambassadors can present your message in a lifestyle manner, rather then forced selling. This is great if you have a product which you'd like others to endorse.

Brand ambassadors often have a high Social Media following and influence a wider population. They have the ability to increase your exposure and optimize communication which increases your Marketing Muscle.

TIP: Keep up-to-date with your target market
Understand your target audience. It more than likely your audience will evolve as your business grows. Through interacting with your audience, both online and off-line, you'll gain a good insight into their buying behaviours as well as their mindset.

Don't take your audience at face-value. Think layers deeper as to what it is that has attracted them to spend some time with your business and brand.

TIP: Know your brand identity
It is very important to build your brands identity through integrating key influencing trends which resonate with your audience.  

Focus on the unique value your brand offers, and make it a focus for your communication.

Remember: Less is more in our busy society.

TIP: Culture can affect your brand!
Due to the surge in Social Media, there has been a rapid growth in consumers having power over businesses.

Consumers are currently preferring products which have minimal impact on the environment and are health conscious. Ensure your communication and branding highlight benefits which align with cultural values.

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