• Complexion Calamity - 5 Natural Ways to Achieve Stunning Skin
  • Alison Morgan
Complexion Calamity - 5 Natural Ways to Achieve Stunning Skin

Most people will go through a stage in their life where their skin is less than ideal. Most of us are familiar with this, and the frustration that comes along with it. There are a million and one products out there that supposedly get rid of acne within 48hrs or 24hrs or an amount of time. However, these often are somewhat hit-and-miss, and sometimes use harmful chemicals to get rid of the persistent pimples.

As far as diet goes, anyone can try these fourbody health food products I found online, and eating healthier definitely has an impact on the visuals presented by your skin. Here we have 5 natural ways to achieve stunning skin, to help you avoid the chemicals and costs associated with it.

Drink Water

This one is a bit more of a slow-burn tip, but just as effective as the others. Dehydration makes our skin appear dry and flaky, as well as causing more oils to come to the surface, which exacerbates acne and then becomes a positive feedback loop of bad skin problems. Drinking water will take some time to take effect, however when it does take effect you just need to keep drinking that amount of water every day to keep reaping the benefits.

Eat Better

This one is pretty straightforward, but it’s not as easy as it seems. Only eating fresh foods, or non-junk foods, is no fun, however it does make leaps and bounds forward as one of the most effective ways to reduce acne on this list. Cutting out sugary drinks and junk food altogether can be difficult, given the tempting nature of these products, but cutting down can have a similar, albeit less immediate effect.

Get Some Sun!

Sunlight can help to reduce acne as well, as it aids in dissipating buildups of oil and dead skin cells before they block pores, and best of all it’s completely free! Spending some time out in the sun every day is one of the easiest ways to make your skin healthier, so long as you remember that the sun can be harmful, and you apply sunscreen where needed.

Regular Washing

Not just washing your face, but washing in general! Make sure your clothes get regularly cleaned, and that your bedsheets are changed regularly as well, as these are both things that hold your body for long periods of time, and as such they contribute greatly to the overall health of your skin. Showering daily is a good habit to get into, as this helps your skin and personal hygiene remain taken care of, and if done before bed, also helps to make your sheets last longer, as a clean you is the only you that gets into them! 


Exercise is a great way to battle skin problems as well, as the sweat produced by vigorous exercise clears out your pores and regulates some of your body hormones, which combine to make your skin healthier overall. By doing 150 minutes of regular exercise per week, you can also ensure you sleep better at night, which can put you in a better mood during the day, making these steps easier to remember and follow.

All of these above tips and tricks have been proven to be effective in aiding in making skin healthier, and unlike that $30 bottle of face wash, they are low or no cost methods, making them not only totally natural, but readily available to nearly everyone.

  • Alison Morgan

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