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The importance of Conversion Marketing

Conversion Marketing is a fundamental principle in growing your business. Focusing on achieving a higher conversion with your Marketing Strategies can boost your business results dramatically, whilst saving you a bucket load of time. 

Many people place a heavy focus on acquisition marketing (which is great), but we also need to focus on converting the existing followers / audience we currently have. There’s little point in generating more leads and enquiries if the existing conversion falls short of success....

Areas I often focus on with Business Coaching clients if this falls within their parameters include:

  • How to find your audience and engage with them
  • Key elements required to create a high converting website
  • Business Marketing within Facebook & Instagram - solutions for these changes rapidly given the constant algorithm changes
  • Marketing directly to past customers / clients

 My challenge for you:

Spend some time this week evaluating your business

  • What can you do to make fundamental tweaks which will allow your audience to take a step closer to becoming a customer? (adjust offer, package, intro offer, nurturing process, customer service.....)
  • Do you feel like you're speaking to your ideal customer or to a 'wide net audience'? Do you need to narrow your focus, and how can you do this?
  • What can you be doing less of and more of to increase the number and quality of your customers?
  • Create an Action Plan for yourself with milestone dates to commit to...

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  • Alison Morgan
  • Business Coachingevents & workshops

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