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Optimising your Instagram bio

Your Instagram Bio can be the driving force of enquiries, opportunities and new followers. It's very often, your new followers first impression of your business and brand - so it's incredibly important you optimise this area of your account to it's fullest potential.

Below are some tips to help you create a 'conversion prone' Insta Bio

  • Profile Pic

Include a professional quality profile image which is relevant to your business or brand. Your aim is to gain credibility, likability and have people feel like they connect with you. 

  • Descriptor i.e.: the text which is bold under your image

Too often people have a double-up. Their handle says the same as their descriptor. These words are searchable, so don't waste this valuable space.

  • Easy to Read

Include emojis to draw attention to important aspects.

  • Contact Details

By now, I trust you've switched your account over from Private to Business. While your audience can contact you via the Contact tab, you should also include your email address within your bio.

  • Clickable Link

Update this link according to your Call-to-Action in your most recent post. If you're featuring your latest blog article, podcast episode, event ticket sales, newest product etc, this is where you want to direct your audience to take action.

  • Hashtag

If your business has a hashtag, place this in your bio. Hashtags generate 12.6% increased engagement per hashtag...

This also highlights an opportunity for your followers to become more directly engaged with you and your community. 

The hashtag I created over a year ago, #mindfulbiz, has generated an incredible community which brings together small business owners around the world.

  • Update
Your business evolves and algorithms change. Remember to update your bio regularly so it stays in line with where your business is heading!

 Alison is a specialist Health & Wellness Business Coach who is passionate about coaching Industry players to succeed in business.

Alison has tailored Business Coaching Packages to help you create a thriving business.

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  • Alison Morgan
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