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PODCAST: Starting a new business

When you’re in the early stages of starting a business it’s easy to get carried away with all the emotion and excitement.

Skip forward to the business becoming a reality and there can be a jolt of ‘what the heck, I’m terrified and unsure of what to do next!?!’ 

I work with many different Business Owners in the Health & Wellbeing Industry, and one of the common hurdles the new players face is the realization it’s actually going to be a tough road for a while.

For every person that makes it look easy, there are many others who hit hurdle after hurdle. Generally speaking, almost half of new businesses within Australia fold within 3 years.  

That may be a fact, however the angle I take on it is that all businesses can succeed. You need to know your Why, have a solid foundation and hustle daily to be seen and heard.

In this episode, Tanya Lee from Healr to join me to chat about starting a new business. Rooted by Healr is an organic turmeric spice blend with dandelion root - YUM!

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  • Alison Morgan
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