Tips to reduce stress and bring tranquility into your life

Stress is an incredibly big problem in many people’s lives. So often we are overworked and stuck in jobs that we do not find fulfilling, or that do not allow us to have the work/life balance we so desperately need. It is so important to be able to manage your stress levels as if they go uncontained, elevated stress levels can lead to some adverse health problems. Here are some handy tips of things you can do to help reduce your stress levels and have a more tranquil life.

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Write it down

Keeping a journal is a very good habit. Not only will you be able to look back on your current life in years to come, but journaling can be a very good way to help you process everything you are experiencing in your life. For people who find themselves incredibly stressed, expressing these feelings through journal writing can be very cathartic and help them in reducing their stress.

Go for a walk

Going for a walk (or a run, if you’re feeling up to it!) is a really great way to combat those feelings of stress and anxiety. Getting outside and feeling the fresh air can be incredibly refreshing and as good for the soul as it is for the body. Endorphins released from engaging in exercise (if you are running) can also make you feel much happier.

Make time for friends

Even though you may feel as if there are not enough hours in the day, it is important to make time to see your friends. Social support is so important in terms of living a balanced and healthy life. Even if you are put in very stressful situations, you will tend to interpret them as less stressful if you have a good social support system that is there to emotionally support you. Whether it’s going out for dinner with a friend or simply catching up on the phone; it is good to maintain your friendships and know that you have people who you are there to support you.

The hidden risks associated with cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic surgery is something that is pretty common nowadays - after all we have programs like Extreme Makeover which are beaming procedures like breast augmentation and other surgical procedures directly into our lounge rooms via our televisions. Most of us know someone who has had a nose job or a breast augmentation, and there are even companies that arrange for surgery tourism to places like Thailand where you can get a surgical procedure done on the cheap while enjoying the sun and tropical air. There are some companies that are less reputable than others - like The Cosmetic Institute - because amid the rosy picture that these kind of companies paint through their Instagram and marketing, surgery is surgery, and it comes with risks. The only difference with something like an elective cosmetic procedure is that patients usually start out being relatively healthy.

There are plenty of cases in which people who are completely healthy have gone in for surgery and died on the operating table - take for example Kanye West’s mother who went in for a routine nip/tuck procedure and then went into full cardiac arrest on the operating table and sadly passed away after a failure to resuscitate. This is one of the more common risks associated with plastic surgery, and although it can be linked to age, there are a number of other surgical risks associated with plastic surgery that I wanted to discuss here – some of them less well known, as well.


An instance of temporary numbness or loss of feeling at the site of the incision is fairly common in the case of face lifts and stomach tucks - although in most cases, it’s rarely going to be a permanent thing.

Undergoing numbness after breast surgery is one of the most common type of a loss of sensation after surgery. A loss of sensation in the nipple - in particular - can occur anywhere from up to 10 to 70% of the time, and in most situations, this is in the case of the breast reductions, where the areola of the nipple is completely removed and then reattached in time as a different skin graft. This can be a difficult thing to undergo, given the overall sensitivity of the area and it’s something that prospective surgery candidates need to be aware of.


This is when there is a collection of watery bodily fluids following a surgical procedure and it occurs most of the time in tummy tucks. It’s actually a common enough occurrence in most surgical procedures that surgeons take a preventative measure by inserting a drain during tummy tuck surgery.

Tissue Death

Tissue death can occur during surgery from surgical manipulation, and this is called necrosis.This is an inevitable part of any surgery, and the risk of necrosis is increased dramatically if you’re a smoker. This is because smoking affects the blood supply to tissue which in turn affects the ability of the body to renew cells. As it happens, when surgeons cut into tissue that already has compromised blood supply, necrosis is more likely to occur.

Excessive bleeding

After any surgery, you’ll find that there is the possibility of excessive bleeding. It’s a rare complication, but it’s still possible. You can speak to your surgeon about all of the possible surgical complications including excessive bleeding.


This is the rarest and of course the most feared of all the side effects of surgery, and it’s ultimately a distant concern but still something that patients need to be aware of. Toxic levels of anaesthetics can contribute to respiratory failure in some patients and in others, high levels of topical lidocaine can lead to death.

You can manage the risks of getting elective cosmetic surgery by ensuring that you have a reputable surgeon who you are able to discuss all of the potential risks and complications with you openly. Make sure that you do your research and that you check and double check everything.

10 Healthy Snack Ideas

It continues to be holiday time for many, which is also be a time for snacking on the wrong foods…

Today I’m giving you my top 10 healthy snack foods.  Ideal for grabbing on the go, or diving into as an afternoon snack. 

These snacks are sugar-free, wheat-free, gluten-free, which of course means guilt-free!


  • Carrot Sticks & Hummus


  • Summer Salad
    • I’m a sucker for a colourful salad.  I always make a huge salad that will serve a dinner, plus carry over to the next day.  If you have a fresh salad in the fridge, it’s a fabulous snack to fall on.
    • Other salads I love and often put my own variation on is a Green Kitchen Stories Salad and salads by Teresa Cutter
    • Search Salads up the top of this page, and many of my salad recipes will display


  • Frozen berries & Raw C coconut water
    • Berries are a fabulous anti-inflammatory ingredient and very low in sugar.  If you follow a sugar-free diet, you’ll know that berries are one of your best friends when it comes to fruit.
    • I always have frozen berries, which you can have on hand at a moments notice.  Blend in a mixer with some coconut water (my favourite brand is Raw C coconut water).  You can also add some superfoods & nuts. 
    • Create a smoothie, nice cream or simply have some berries with a coconut water drink!


  • Handful of nuts
    • I activate my nuts.  You can read about this here
    • A handful of nuts is a great source of protein, fiber and a range of essential nutrients.



  • Soma Organics
    • The Soma Bite are great on-the-go snacks filled with the most nutritious ingredients including organic nuts, seeds & berries


  • Almond Milk
    • As many of you know I am a huge fan of Almond Breeze Almond Milk.  There range includes an unsweetened vanilla milk as well as a chocolate milk.
      • Whip yourself up a guilt free smoothie or milkshake.  You can even freeze almond milk ice blocks, then throw into the blender to make a frozen yoghurt.  Simply add some fruit and off you go.  Get creative and enjoy this guilt-free almond milk snack.
  • An egg
    • Keep some hard boiled eggs in the fridge.  Peel an egg and cut in half, adding a spread of your homemade hummus to the top. This will definitely keep you going in between meals.


  • Avocado
    • Slices of avocado topped with freshly squeezed lemon juice and finely chopped coriander & parley is a great snack.  You can also lightly sprinkle with Himalayan salt which has so many benefits, you can read about here


  • Air popped popcorn