No Nasties Hair Care

Last week I attended the range extension launch for Essano Hair Care. The event was held at Anthony Nader's salon in Surry Hills.

Essano includes the best plant based ingredients, which means NO:

  • Sulphates
  • Parabens
  • Harsh Chemicals
  • Testing on animals

New products to the range include:

Acai Berry Colour Protect Shampoo & Conditioner

Protect hair colour from environmental stressors with this powerful antioxidant rich Shampoo and Conditioner.

Containing Acai Berry Oil, Kakadu Plum, Vitamin E and Rice Protein to keep your hair colour bright and radiant.

Ocean Minerals Volumising Shampoo & Conditioner  

Rich in vitamins and amino acids, the Ocean Minerals Volumising Shampoo and Conditioner delivers a healthy, nourished scalp for weightless, glossy hair with volume and body.

Containing Ocean Minerals, Aloe Vera and Plant Proteins to treat fine, limp hair and deliver on its promise of hair you will love, naturally.

Essano Coconut Milk Hydrating Leave-in Conditioner

New Essano Coconut Milk Hydrating Leave-In Conditioner gives you soft, tangle free hair, naturally.

Enriched with Coconut Milk, Camellia Oil, Vitamin B5 and Plant Proteins, this luxurious, yet affordable formula is lightweight, nutrient rich and sulphate free. Gentle enough to be used everyday and on colour treated hair.

Essano Argan Oil Recovery Hair Mask

New Essano Argan Oil Recovery Hair Mask is a nourishing haircare mask that works deep into the hair cuticle to treat dry, damaged and stressed hair.

Containing a blend of natural oils and essential vitamins including Moroccan Argan, Olive and Avocado Oils, Aloe Vera and Plant Proteins, the Essano Argan Oil Recovery Hair Mask works deeply to moisturise, repair and protect hair against future damage.

All products are $15.99 RRP and available from May 2017 from Woolworths & Priceline nationwide 

The Beauty Chef’s Sleep Inner Beauty Powder

We all need sleep. In fact - it's something we talk about on a daily basis....!!  Especially those new Mothers out there..!! 

As one of the most basic and fundamental human functions, sleep is as essential to good health and glowing skin as a well-balanced diet and regular exercise.

With fast-paced lifestyles and increasing levels of stress as the new-norm, sleep is often one of the first elements to be sacrificed from our routines - and one of the trickiest to correct. Add to that our addiction of mobile phones, computers and gadgets, it’s little wonder the disrupting effects of electromagnetic frequencies are taking their toll on the nervous system, hormones and our circadian rhythm.

This is this reason that the incredible Carla Oats AKA The Beauty Chef Founder was inspired to create the new Sleep Inner Beauty Powder

A delicious organic blend of bio-fermented turmeric root and paw paw leaf, the new SLEEP formula has been enriched with lemon balm and passionflower to help relieve nervousness, restlessness and mild anxiety. Combined with a blend of more than 10 nourishing herbs and spices, Carla has worked tirelessly to create the the perfect, nourishing bedtime ritual

Ingredients include:

Lemon balm and passionflower are traditionally used in western herbal medicine to induce sleep and to relieve nervousness, restlessness, mild anxiety and provide support during times of stress. Lemon balm is also used traditionally in western herbal medicine to calm, soothe, support a healthy mood and relieve irritability. 

Turmeric is a potent antioxidant and has been used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine to aid digestion.

Clove Bud, cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom and black pepper have a long history of use in beauty treatments, perfumery, cultural practices, food and traditional systems of medicine, and help to give SLEEP its beautiful rich flavour.

Sour cherry is naturally rich in melatonin.

Bio-fermented paw paw leaf and turmeric are processed via The Beauty Chef’s exclusive Flora Culture™ bio-fermentation process, for potency and absorption.

SLEEP contains no artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives, is lactose, sugar and dairy free. It contains 20 servings per tub. 

Directions for use:

  • Blend 1 tsp with 200mls of warm nut, soy, rice milk / dairy milk or water and consume 1 hr before bedtime.
  • Temperatures over 30 degrees Celsius will start to degrade the probiotic potency of the formula. Take an additional serve before bedtime if required.

Are you a good sleeper??...

Pinnertest Food Intolerance Test

Recently, I took a Food Intolerance Test via Pinnertest

The company are based in the US, and provide the most accurate and easy to use test on the market. 

What is a Food Intolerance Test?

Some people experience problems producing certain enzymes, resulting in continuous health issues from poor gut health.

Surprisingly, it's not uncommon that healthy fruits & vegetables can result in a food intolerance reaction.

This can contribute to an inflamed gut, creating discomfort, along with health issues such as:

  • weight gain due to carb cravings and slow metabolism
  • depression
  • headaches
  • bloating, plus more...

What is Pinnertest?

Pinnertest is a next generation lab test which can isolate specific food intolerances. The test is taken through providing a couple of small drops of blood (very simple and easy!).

What's involved with the test?

  • The test can be ordered online via the Pinnertest website
  • The test is sent to you from the US. I received my kit within 3 days (I'm based in Sydney)
  • Place 2 small drops of blood on a swab - everything is provided in the kit (you simply prick your finger, similar to that of a diabetic) 
  • Return the sample to the US 
  • Results are emailed to you

My Results!

I was so intrigued to see my results! It turns out, I have intolerances to Turkey, Pork, Broccoli and Barley.

Broccoli is something I have in my diet most days, so I'll definitely eliminate this for the next 6 weeks to see if I have less bloating.

I rarely eat Barley (so that's an easy one for me). I mostly only ever eat Turkey at Christmas. Pork I eat fortnightly (so will eliminate this too).

My husband also did the test, which came back with 6 intolerances (mainly everyday foods, so he's more effected than me).

If you're experiencing bloating, stomach discomfort, acne, eczema, carb cravings and slow metabolism, depression, headaches, bloating, fatigue or brain fog - be sure to investigate a Food Intolerance Test.

It could make a big difference to your health!



Healthy products for Christmas Shopping...!

Jurlique Summer Products

I'm a massive fan of Jurlique, I often talk about them here on the blog

This Summer, they have totally got us covered with both skincare & tanning needs. Their sun protection range not only protects, but also enriches, moisturises and provides the perfect Summer glow.

Highly recommend (as always!!!!!!!)

    Mingle Seasoning

    young sister-duo from Melbourne, Emma and Jordyn Evans to spread the word on their latest venture, Mingle Seasoning, a flavoursome range of natural, handcrafted seasoning blends without the nasties - have you heard of them?

    This small family business started right here in Melbourne after a night in the kitchen concocting a delicious range of natural and tasty seasoning blends that help nourish wellbeing.

    Mingle's catalogue of six savoury blends and one sweet blend kicks the sugars, chemical fillers, calories or high amounts of salt normally found in your everyday seasonings, and also caters to vegan, gluten free, paleo, sugar free, preservative free, and fructose free diets - and how cute is the packaging!?

    These kitchen must-have's even come in a super generous 120 gram serving size which means you can add a punch of flavour to your breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    Michelle's Luxury Silk

    new up and coming Sydney based business, specializing in a luxury range of high quality 100% pure silk pillowcases.

     Luxury silk pillowcases benefits include:

    • fantastic for hair, skin and so much more
    • reduces face creases/wrinkles
    • no frizz / bed hair
    • helps retain skin moisture and
    • a natural hypoallergenic...

    George Foreman Electronic Spiraliser

    Many of you will agree that we like to reduce the amount of carbohydrates in our diet. As an example, I usually swap pasta for spiralised zucchini.

    The exciting news is that George Foreman has just introduced a motorised Veggie Spiralizer with 4 bade options!

    It's the must-have appliance for any health-conscious foodie. It’s perfect for cutting down carbs, whilst upping the ante on your daily veggie intake. It turns vegetables into fun, easy meals in a flash - zucchini noodles, carrot pasta, vegetable ribbons, slices or spirals... the possibilities are endless!

    It comes with a 300W DC motor, making meal prep even easier! 

    Super healthy meals are now quick to make and even quicker to clean up thanks to the George Foreman Veggie Spiralizer.

    Christmas Hamper Delivered to your Door!

    Last week I had a fabulous Christmas Hamper delivered to my doorstep from the team at The Dietlicious & Gourmet Dinner Service.

    Their annual Christmas menu is designed to take the fuss out of cooking at Christmas. It's a great way to remove some stress, as all of the preparation is done for you! You may decide to do some cooking yourself by adding additional elements,  however this services makes life far simpler and straightforward!

    The food is made using the highest quality local produce. This Christmas Menu concept has been delivering for 16 years - so it's very safe to say they are extremely amazing at what they do!

    The hamper serves 6, for a cost of $220.

    Available in Sydney, Brisbane & Melbourne. 

     Gourmet Dinner Service 

    Taking orders until 23rd December


    Earlybird Christmas Gift!


    It feels like Christmas is fast approaching. My boys are breaking up from school next week which is always the marker the end of year is drawing near.

    It's also that time of year when we start trying to work out what on earth we are going to buy everyone for Christmas...! Whilst in the process of working out the shopping list, I am super guilty of also buying things for myself too!! - I know I'm not alone with that one...

    I recently came across Jord Watches - the perfect Christmas gift for yourself or a friend / family member. The range has designs for both Men & Women.

    They are luxury hand-crafted all-natural wood watches. PLUS they have free shipping worldwide too!

    Below, I have a discount voucher especially for YOU!!!! - enjoy x

     Jord Watch Discount Voucher!

    Receive $25 off your watch until 25th December 2016

    Full Details Here

    Safe and Toxin Free Cookware by Neoflam

    I've recently been trying out the new Neoflam cookware frypans & wok. Before I start to tell you about all the benefits and how much I'm enjoying using this cooking range - it's safe to say you should put these products on your radar. Whether it's a Christmas gift to yourself or a friend / family - this cookware range is fabulous.

    Neoflam is healthy non stick cookware which is free from harmful chemicals and heavy metals. The items I've been using are also extremely durable, scratch resistant and oven safe. They are also easy to clean and don't require much oil when cooking.

    My big PLUS is that it's lightweight. I have a similar pan which weighs a tonne - so I much prefer these light and easy to use products. 

    This new range also features detachable handles meaning it can easily transform from cooktop to oven to tableware. It also means I can fit the pan so much easier into the cupboard when storing (why hasn't anyone had this feature before!!!!!)

    So... here are the details where you can find out all the info!: Neoflam

    Southernature Brand Launch

    I recently attended the Media Launch for the new natural supplement range Southernature.

    With a commitment to deliver the most effective and highest quality natural supplements available locally, the new Australian company has launched a new range of sustainably sourced, natural health supplements.

    The range includes Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Kid’s Health, General Health and Functional Health. A very impressive range which has been produced from high potency raw materials and formulated to the highest grade possible. 

    The launch was held at Time Out’s Restaurant of the Year, ACME, with a special breakfast menu by award-winning chef, Mitch Orr. The beautiful Lee Holmes of Supercharged Food has partnered with Southernature to launch their new range.


    Trilogy's NEW oil blend and serum AND body range

    Oh my gosh, what a stunning delivery from Trilogy! 

    Releasing their latest innovation of pure plant oils, the delivery came embedded in a stunning custom made fresh flower wall - talk about attention grabbing!!!

    Their latest oil blends include:

    • Rosehip Oil Light Blend

    This certified organic seed oil blend is designed especially for oily / combination skin. It's ideal to help regulate the skin's own oil production and improve skin tone, fine lines & wrinkles (yes please!!!).

    This beautiful light oil blends easily and is quickly absorbed without leaving an oily residue.

    30ml $35.95

    • Rosapene Radiance Serum

    This serum is packed with natural actives which also helps create a glowing complexion. This unique antioxidant (Rosapene), combines with sea algae extract and cooling aloe vera, to create a formulation which soothes, smoothes and deeply nourishes a tired complexion. 

    This product can also be used underneath makeup which is an added bonus!

    30ml $42.95

    Introducing NEW Trilogy Body Range

    The body range now has a stunning new-look designed to reflect the beauty in the simple but effective natural formulations. As always, the products are made with the purest plant oils & botanical actives nature has to offer.

    With 2 new nature certified natural products, Pure Plant Body Oil & Exfoliating Body Balm, the range brings a touch of indulgence to every day whilst hydrating,  invigorating & protecting your skin.


    New healthy products for you to learn about


    Hart & Soul

    Oh my gosh, I LOVE these soups. My husband often takes them to work for a quick lunch solution.

    These products not only invigorate your tastebuds and bodies(!!) but are also good for you!  The products are made with 100% natural ingredients. There are no preservatives, genetic modifications or any laboratory engineered numbers and flavours.

    The ranges allow for gluten free, dairy free and vegan options - something for everyone.

    Inika Organics

    I'm loving this organic makeup. This lip liner is long wearing and naturally formulated to easily apply whilst giving an even colour.

    The creamy blend is made with cold pressed plant waxes and oils, along with natural mineral pigments (definitely no nasties at all!).

    All their lip liners are certified organic, vegan, halal and cruelty-free

    The colour I have in this pic is Moroccan Rose 

    Delicious, refreshing icy poles are always a Summer holiday favourite. I recently had the pleasure of trying out the new limited edition George Foreman Mix & Go Blend & Freeze.

    All you have to do is blend your juice / smoothie in the Mix & Go Blender, pour into the popsicle mould and make delicious healthy treats! It's the prefect way to get your nutrients.

    You can find all the details here!



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