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Clean wellbeing products you should know about!

My Mud Magic

White and healthy teeth is what everyone needs, however unfortunately many don’t have them due to a variety of reasons including; eating styles, ineffective toothpastes or downplaying the importance of looking after their teeth.

My Mud Magic is a fabulous product I recently came across. Using raw and organic ingredients as opposed to toothpastes which are commonly made up of harsh chemicals, this is gentle on sensitive gums and teeth. Not only that, it helps to strengthen them, detoxes the mouth and removes toxins.

  • Activated coconut shell charcoal scrubs your teeth clean while actively detoxifying your mouth
  • Super fine granular is food grade and gentle on your enamel
  • Calcium bentonite clay improves your dental hygiene and re-mineralises your enamel, lifting the toxins right out of your gums and teeth

Suitable for everyone including fitness buffs, the elderly and children - give it a go!!!

Jurlique – Activating Water Essence

Jurlique’s Activating Water Essence is the newest skincare product in their range.

I love all the Jurlique products. Their farm is in Mt Barker, Adelaide, right near where my husband's family lives.

Keeping to their mission to inspire people to prioritise their wellbeing and health with nature’s power to heal, Jurlique carefully selects ingredients to suit all skin types and keeping in mind of everyone’s skin care ways.

Activating Water Essence is made up of marshmallow root extract and helps to rejuvenate your skin and improve its moisturising ability. 

For best results, use Jurlique’s Toning Mists and then apply Activing Water Essence.

Jurlique products are beautiful:) 

Dr Bronner’s

Every time I post a pic of Dr Bronner's products on my Instagram account, the feedback is incredible. Seems like there is a very large amount of people that use and love products in their range!

Organic and eco-friendly, Dr Bronner’s is a global provider and natural product pioneer of high quality soap.

The company’s mission is to create a positive impact through their ethically and organically produced products which not only benefits the skin but also benefits the world.

Living up to its environmentally sensitiveness, Dr. Bonner’s signature product Pure-Castile Liquid Soap is much beloved thanks to its multiple uses including face wash, shaving, and even for laundry and kitchen-related purposes.

The use of philosophical writing and unique packaging made of recycled materials are something to behold and get connected to your environment.

A’kin & Al’chemy

A’kin & Al’chemy is a unique beauty company with a passion for effective natural products.

They have carefully crafted solutions to hair and skin flaws such as the Rosemary Shampoo which results in healthy hair and Lavender & Geranium Body Moisturiser that leaves soft and hydrated skin, suitable for everyone.

If you need another reason to place your trust in A’kin & Al’chemy, they don’t test their products on animals

  • Alison Morgan
  • lifestylereviewreviews

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