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The Paleo Café

Last week I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Marlies Hobbs, Founder of the Paleo Café.

Wow, what a family.  After discovering their son was dairy-intolerant, Marlies and her husband, Jai, did some research into what they could do to help with lifestyle and food improvements in an effort to help their son.  They soon discovered the Paleo diet.  After giving it a go and experiencing dramatic improvements in their son’s health & wellbeing as well as their own, they decided to open a Paleo Café.


What is Paleo?

  • It draws from the principals of hunter-gathers, ancestral lifestyle and combines this with modern scientific research and common sense.  Also known as the Primal, Caveman & Stone Age diet
  • Paleo food includes lean proteins, fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, grass fed meat and fish
  • Paleo avoids dairy, grains, sugars & is gluten free
  • Through this lifestyle, you can experience weight loss, improved skin / teeth / hair / nails, better sleep and increased energy levels, not to mention reduced allergies

Where are the Paleo Cafes?

  • Queensland, Cairns
  • Brisbane, Paddington
  • Brisbane, CBD
  • Sydney, Bondi Junction
  • Melbourne, Mornington Peninsula with more to come soon…


What you’ll find in the Paleo Cafes:

  • A delicious selection of Paleo meals on their menu (including a fabulous kids menu)
  • Take Away; you can choose something off the menu as your take away or select a pre-made meal from behind the counter
  • A variety of high quality food products
  • A library of books available to read while you’re dining in, plus a selection of books available to purchase
  • Merchandise
  • Juice bar
  • Service with a big healthy smile

Paleo Lifestyle & Cookbook coming soon:

Marlies has also written a book, Paleo Lifestyle & Cookbook, which will be released early 2014.  I’ve been lucky enough to receive an e-copy of the book and it’s fabulous. The book includes:

  • A guide to Paleo and the lifestyle
  • Recipes for each meal, including a focus on kids meals plus much more…



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  • dairy freegluten freehealthlifestylereviewsugar freewellbeingwellnesswheat free

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