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Urban Remedy 3 Day Juice Cleanse Review

Urban Remedy have recently released a new juice cleanse menu. It’s fabulous!  The choices are endless, ranging from an antioxidant cleanse, greens cleanse, soup cleanse, plus so much more.

You can also choose to pick n’ mix individual juices from the various cleanse categories and create your own mixture of cleansing options. How fab.

Why do a juice cleanse?

Your body is designed to detoxify naturally.

Cleansing helps to accelerate this natural process of neutralising or eliminating toxins from your body for optimum health. It's perfect for relaunching your body, allowing you to feel fabulous in a short space of time!


My 3 day juice cleanse:

Last week, I did a 3 day Urban Remedy cleanse.  I chose from the menu:

Oh yummmmmm!

Typically, I find Day 1 the hardest.  By the time it hits the afternoon, I'm feeling a bit tired and hungry.  Going to bed early really helps with this.  

By Day 2, I tend to wake up feeling very energetic.  From then on, it starts to get easier.  

Day 3 is when I'm feeling really amazing. Full of beans and very cleansed.  

I could do a 5 day juice cleanse - although haven't given this a go yet.  Perhaps next time!! 

The full range of new Urban Remedy Juice Cleanses includes:

  • Active Cleanse
  • Detox Clanse
  • Healing Cleanse
  • Antioxidant Cleanse
  • Digestive Cleanse
  • Immunity Cleanse
  • Beauty Cleanse
  • Energy Cleanse
  • Metabolism Cleanse
  • Dessert Cleanse
  • Greens Cleanse
  • Soup Cleanse

Urban Remedy Juice Packages:

1 Day Cleanse (6 products): $75/day
2 Day Cleanse (12 products): $75/day ($150 total)
3 Day Cleanse (18 products): $65/day ($195 total)
4 Day Cleanse (24 products): $65/day ($260 total)
5 Day Cleanse (30 products): $63/day ($315 total)
6 Day Cleanse (36 products): $63/day ($378 total)

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  • Alison Morgan
  • review

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  • Jul 09, 2014

    Love the new menu – looks really tasty. Lots of choices to go by!

    — Andrea

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