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Ecostore Product Review

Ecostore is a fabulous range of body, hair care and household cleaning products which marries a concern for safety and health – the core philosophy of the brand. Each unique product is plant and mineral based and free from harsh and harmful chemicals.

Ecostore fully embraces sustainability. In the same year the brand was born, so too was the Fairground Foundation – a fundraising solution which ensures the wellbeing of communities. Together, Ecostore and the Fairground Foundation work to fulfill this mission. A portion of Ecostore sales goes into the Fairground Foundation to ensure its success and support.

As a brand, Ecostore are committed to providing affordable, safe products for everyday use. All Ecostore products are non toxic and have unnecessary chemicals, which in comparison to what else is on the market is a hard task to master, with a unique result.

Founder Malcolm Rands says:“There are more than 84,000 chemicals in existence for commercial use… links are being made between some of these chemicals and health concerns like hormone disruption, allergies, asthma and cancer.”

Ecostore products are sourced from raw materials, do not test on animals and minimise waste by using recycled and recyclable materials for packaging. The result is a safe, health-promoting product that works.

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  • Alison Morgan
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