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Breakfast at Vicinity Launch

I had the lovely opportunity of attending the launch of the Breakfast menu at Vicinity Dining in Alexandria recently.

The menu is focused on healthy, wholesome and nutritious food - an absolute dream and completely delicious.

The Vicinity Dining has teamed up with local mindful businesses including Pepe Saya and Di Bella Coffee.

The menu consists of Super Bircher which is soaked in pure coconut water and made with wholegrain oats, black chia seeds and activated almonds.  The muesli is then topped with vegan Coyo or Greek Yoghurt with fresh fruit and berries.

The French toast (yum!!) is made with Pepe Saya buttermilk egg wash giving it a delicious flavour.  The freshly poached fruit and Pepe Saya creme fraiche with organic vanilla bean is incredible.

The menu is diverse and will really appeal to the health conscious who love flavoursome meals which are not only satisfying but also incredibly nutritious.

Other fabulous mindful businesses which are partnered with The Vicinity Dining Complex include The Protein Bread Company, Clean Treats and Black Poison.

The Vicinity Dining complex is beautifully appointed - ideal for a relaxing family breakfast or business meeting.  There's plenty of space, friendly service and well priced meals.

 Connect: The Vicinity Dining Complex, Alexandria

  • Alison Morgan
  • review

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