• Product Review: Red Dragon – Living Elixir
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Product Review: Red Dragon – Living Elixir

Red Dragon Organics have developed an award winning elixir which packs more healing benefits into one drink than you could imagine!

This product was clearly designed with a purpose in mind; catering to the human body, mind and soul with only the purest ingredients found in nature.

The product is a certified organic living elixir which is 100% gluten free.  

I received both the sugar free elixir and the standard living elixir to try.  The sugar free version is made with raw organic Australian honey - YUM!!  Not only do both products taste amazing, wait until you read about the benefits and results!

My husband suffers from arthritis and was having a particularly bad bout of it when we were trying the elixir. He had a 125ml bottle which he drank over a couple of days. The elixir certainly helped the pain subside - sounds incredible, but it's true!

I also felt an increase in energy & a more calm state of mind whilst drinking the ginger beer over a few days.

Is your body aching? The combination of turmeric, ginger and lemon juice found in this ginger beer provides the body with a potent anti-inflammatory effect along with a boost to your immune system and digestive track.

Within hours of finishing this ginger beer you'll feel relief from aches and pains which have been withholding you from your full physical potential. Restoring your body to its top physical performance is an important process & even more enjoyable when it's gained from a drink which is so yum!

If your mind is feeling cluttered, you'll feel more centred, present and aware too!


    Ingredients Include:

    Certified Organic Ginkgo Biloba – which improves blood flow, especially to the brain where it protects and promotes brain functions.

    Certified Organic Brahmi - traditionally used to support and improve mental functions by enhancing coordination, memory, and brain stamina.

    Certified Organic Gotu Kola – used to combat nervous disorders, aid intelligence and attention span by energizing the nervous system and rebuilding energy reserves.

    Plus...certified organic turmeric, ginger juice, fresh lemon juice, grander water which is double filtered then passed through a 'Grander' unit plus organic raw honey or raw sugar (depending on whether you choose the standard or sugar free product).

    Go check it out and try it for yourself!

     Connect with Red Dragon Organics here!


    • Alison Morgan
    • healthsugar freewellbeingwellness

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    • Jul 31, 2014

      I can vouch for this drink. It’s incredible

      — Elita

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