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Coyo Yoghurt Review

Have you tried Coyo yoghurt?  If you haven't already caught on the bandwagon of this dairy free yoghurt alternative, you absolutely must give it a try.

I'm in a very lucky position with my job that I attend events and functions where I meet many industry leaders as well as new players in the market.  In a recent media event for the launch of the Vicinity Breakfast Menu, I had the opportunity of meeting the NSW Coyo distributor, Abe.

Abe and I instantly got along.  We spoke about distribution, cutting in new products onto shelf space and the importance of point of sale.  

Many of you already know that I started my career at Unilever - one of the kings in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry.  My learnings from years of working at Unilever (including Merchandising, Sales and Marketing), have given me the ability to Business Coach those in the food industry.  

So a few weeks later after meeting Abe, he couldn't have delivered a big batch of Coyo at a better time.

The cupboards were almost bare and I was due for a big shop. Obviously yoghurt was on the list!

With a fabulous range of flavours to choose from, the toughest choice was deciding which one to crack open first!   The great thing is that I've been given enough to share with my colleagues, family and friends - lucky lucky!  

So, for those that haven't given Coyo Yoghurt a try, this is your signal.  

When you next see it in the shops, grab yourself a tub and try it for yourself.  It's dairy free, vegan, soy free, gluten free, lactose free and has no added sugar - holy wow!  Of course it's also a favourite for those that are lactose intolerant & joining in the 'sugar free' revolution.

I love the thick texture which tastes of creamy coconut yoghurt. It's divine.  The best thing is that you don't need or want large serving portions as it's filling and satisfying.  Yes, it's more expensive than your supermarket yoghurt - but the fact is, this yoghurt is good for you, high quality and as I mentioned, filling.

PS: they also make ice-cream.....!!!! 



  • Alison Morgan
  • dairy freegluten freereviewssugar free

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