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Clean Treats Bliss Balls Review

It's a funny story how I met Charlie Dehaas.  I had been told she made fabulous 'balls' and she'd be an ideal person to ask about getting involved in the Brisbane Health & Wellness Networking Event.  

After crafting her an email explaining who I was, she quickly replied by saying - "yes I know you.  I came to one of your workshops earlier in the year."  I hadn't known this, as I didn't know her last name at the time - I had only been introduced to her as Charlie.

So anyway, this was our first email exchange.  We were laughing about the small degrees of separation.  I then attended a launch event on the Monday and bumped into her - then again on Friday at another event.  How funny how the world turns!

For those that haven't heard of Charlie's Balls - let me introduce you.  Charlie Dehaas makes delicious guilt free clean eating treats which taste damn good!!  

The flavours I've tried are:

    • Cranberry Coconut
    • Chocolate Nut
    • Vanilla Pecan
  • MUSCLe BALLS (vegan protein - the ideal pre / post workout snack)
    • Chocolate Brownie
    • Peanut Butter
    • Lemon Creme

I'm sure your mouth is already watering after reading the varieties available!!! (each flavour of ball is in the pic above)

They are your perfect snack or nighttime treat.  Each ball is dairy free, gluten free, no refined sugar or preservatives.  Totally deluxe!

 Connect with Charli Dehaas to order some balls!



  • Alison Morgan
  • dairy freegluten freerawreviewssugar free

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  • Sep 01, 2014

    Love Charlies Balls – they are everywhere in Sydney

    — Lucy

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