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Healthy places to visit in New York

HU Kitchen

As many of you know, I have just returned from a quick week in New York. What a great time!!!!  I went with my husband - spent quality time together, shopped like we'd never shopped before... and dived into the health scene.

Since my last visit to New York, the food offerings and exercise options have certainly stepped up many notches.  We were spoilt with choice, exposed to many brands I hadn't heard of before and became incredibly inspired by the brilliant customer service. (I could talk about all these points for a very long time...!)

Many have asked me to list some #mindfulbiz places I came across whilst I was in New York.  So...below you'll find my top picks to visit on your healthful journey throughout the Big Apple!

Healthy Food Options

View from The Highline

Exercise Options

The Lexington


Enjoy your healthy travels to New York!!!!

  • Alison Morgan
  • healthlifestylereviewreviewswellbeing

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