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Interview with Cali Press

Nick Bardetta & Alison Morgan

Can you tell us a bit about Cali Press?

Cali Press is a premium organic cold pressed juice and raw whole foods company that offers: 100% raw, organic cold pressed fruit and vegetable juices, raw smoothies and organic whole foods.

Our philosophy is simple; Live Clean, Live Large, Love Life. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and are realistic about the challenges involved in balancing fun and everyday life while looking after your health. Our offering delivers on what we promises with easily accessible food and juices that are raw, organic and genuinely healthy.

The brand itself originates from an inspiring trip to Los Angeles, the name “Cali Press” comes from our love and nostalgia for Golden California and its fun and natural way of clean living - even our juice names pay homage to the Californian summer kissed lifestyle.

The Cali Press philosophy is simple and so is the branding. During the conception of our first Cali Press store (140b Macpherson St, Bronte) we were lucky enough to work with Kelvin Ho, head of the agency behind the newly refurbished Coogee Pavilion - AKIN Creative. Our vision for the atmosphere combined with Kelvin’s talent and expertise allowed us to create a store design that typifies the laid-back and accessible atmosphere we wanted Cali Press to be defined by.

There are 5 owners behind the brand. How did you all come together to start the business?

We all come together out of a shared love of active lifestyles, sport and surfing. As individuals we have always been health conscious so the health and lifestyle industry was always going to be a natural fit for us as a group.

After discussing the lack of current offerings in the local market, it wasn’t we went on a trip to LA that we were inspired and excited by what we saw in this space. We’d go to juice bars in California and whilst a lot of people were strongly focused on health, nobody was taking it (or themselves) too seriously. You’d have people drinking these amazing organic cold pressed super-food smoothies and eating delicious raw tacos with veges for lunch but then they’d have an Espresso coffee on the side when they were done… that’s really the attitude we’ve tried to create with Cali Press. It’s about sustainable lifestyle choices.

From that trip we decided to start Cali Press and with diverse backgrounds, ranging from corporate finance to graphic design we were always confident that our diverse skill-sets would help create something pretty special.


There are 2 streams to the business; juice cleanses and the store-front. Can you tell us about the juice cleanse program?

We’re about to launch our juice cleanse offering which will include three different naturopathically designed cleanse programs that give our customers different options to choose from based on their objectives and lifestyle. Each of the programs will include a one, two and three day options, delivered fresh daily to your home or office.

Beyond the traditional juice cleanses, we’ve got big plans to transform this space over the next 6-12 months with the “Cali Lifestyle Packs”. We aren’t quite ready to launch or spill the secrets just yet but the programs will be very much in line with our philosophy of sustainable lifestyle choices… watch this space!

There is also a third part of the business where we supply fresh Cali Press Juices into your favorite cafes around Sydney as well as some of Australia’s top companies. If not already, we will be at a location near you soon!


You’ve most recently opened your juice and wholefoods bar in Bronte. What types of food are on the menu?

While originally setting focus on the juice and smoothie offering, we very quickly realised the importance of offering food and worked hard to create not only a healthy menu, but most importantly a delicious menu.

The food offering has actually taken on a life of its own with the demand being far greater than we first expected. Healthy food is no longer tasteless and bland with our the store offering customers a selection of quality takeaway items including chia pots with rhubarb and orange compote, organic raw burritos with spiced vegetables and gooey sweet potato chocolate brownies.

We tested all the foods on family and friends with almost all of them genuinely surprised to discover they were vegan friendly and gluten free…. and delicious!.


What are some favourite dishes being served at the moment?

For me personally, lunch has to be our Organic Raw Burrito. It’s essentially a collard green tortilla filled with walnut burrito mix, salad and smokey tomato and sour cashew cream… however it is not uncommon to also find me grabbing an Almond Milk Espresso Smoothie with a Sweet Potato Brownie at some stage of the day!

Connect with Cali Press

Cali Press
140b Macpherson St, Bronte NSW 

Opening hours:
7AM till 4PM

 Photography: Tilly Clifford

  • Alison Morgan
  • healthlifestylereviewsugar freewellbeingwellness

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  • Oct 23, 2014

    These are great juices – I tried 1 the other day.

    — Sim

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