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Products I'd love to tell you about!

I have some fabulous products I'd love to tell you about.  Grab yourself a cuppa and have a read!


Diamond Lift & Eye Lightening Serum

I am a huge fan of Transformulas skin care products, particularly their Diamond Lift and Eye Lightening Serum.

Perfect for the transition into winter, these two beauty wonders transform the skin, instantly brightening it, allowing for a fresh appearance.

Eye Lightening Serum, visibly improves skin elasticity and tone, reducing dark shadows and noticeably brightening eyes using revolutionary nanotechnology.

Diamond Lift, is best used in conjunction with the Eye Lightening Serum, for all round illumination. Containing real diamonds, minerals and anti-ageing ingredients; Diamond Lift tones the skin, resulting in a smooth, radiant complexion.

These two products are my favorite skin enhancers, essential for entering the cold, dry months ahead.


Food for Health

Founded by Naturopath Narelle Plapp, Australian brand ‘Food for Health’, focuses on producing allergy friendly products, including a range of muesli, gluten free muesli bars and muesli pods.

Perfect for people with specific dietary requirements or as a healthy snack on the go, Food For Health products are both delicious and nutritious.

Products are now available in many supermarkets including Woolworths and Coles, as well as being exported to over 11 different countries.

Simple 7 Snacks

I love Simply 7 Snacks, not only do they taste amazing but they have up to 50% less fat than potato chips!

Simply 7 Snacks was founded in 2010, after recognizing the need for nutritious, natural foods in grocery stores. Simply 7 Snacks envelops seven core values, whilst striving to show people that delicious food can be derived from simple, wholesome ingredients.

All Simply 7 Snacks are 100% natural, containing no artificial ingredients or preservatives. They are non-genetically modified and are perfect for vegetarians of people with a kosher diet.

Available in the following four delicious flavours:

  • Lentil Sea Salt
  • Hummus Sea Salt
  • BBQ Quinoa
  • Cheddar Quinoa

Now stocked in Coles and Woolworths grocery Stores around Australia.

Have you tried any of the products above - I'd love to hear your thoughts!

  • Alison Morgan
  • lifestylenatural beautyreviewreviews

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  • Mar 24, 2015

    I’ve been buying those chips for a while. Such a great alternative to the unhealthy traditional chips. Personally I think they taste way better too. their texture and taste is really great.

    — Tess H

  • Mar 24, 2015

    I’m a big fan of the muesli. Also, my kids love the bars too!

    — Ainsley

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