• Lets get Physic-ore!
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Lets get Physic-ore!

When was the last time you hit a group class at the gym for any other reason other than the fact that your zumba trainer is a total cutie? If your level of commitment to group classes is similar to mine, Cat Rose’s latest addition to the Physicore family will leave you pleasantly surprised.

A 50 minute mélange comprising of Megaformer and TRX, is designed to target your entire body, giving you a heart pumping, muscle burning workout focusing on cardio, strength, endurance and your core.

Promising to elevate your fitness level to new highs, the Megatrix workout stays true to the Physicore philosophy of ‘shake, sweat and burn’ whilst leaving you feeling fitter, stronger, healthier and happier.

Classes take place at the Surry Hills studio on Tuesday mornings, Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings.

Make sure you attend 1 Megaformer class in advance, as well as bring along a pair of running shoes to get you through 50 minutes of non-stop fun, fierce fitness!

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  • Alison Morgan
  • lifestylereviewreviews

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