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To Bee Or Not To Bee

If you’re tired of having to choose between your health and your taste buds, the new low calorie variety of Almond Breeze will leave you more excited than a kid on Christmas.

Produced locally in Sydney with natural honey, the low calorie variety of Almond Breeze is the perfect addition in cereal, milkshakes, baked goods and much more.

Containing just 51 calories per 250ml serving, ‘Hint of Honey’ is 98 per cent fat free, easy to digest and a great substitute for dairy or soy.

It is low in saturated fat, has no added cane sugar, soy, peanuts, casein, gluten or MSG fat and is free from dairy, eggs, lactose and cholesterol.

More than it’s phenomenal nutritional value, Hint of Honey boasts of a rich and creamy taste that will fill the void in the gastronomic lives of lactose intolerant, dairy-free and vegan individuals.

Those that know me well and have come along to my events and workshops will also know that I'm also a HUGE fan of handing out Almond Breeze at my workshops!

Available at Woolworths and other independent retailers and ranging from $3.00 to $3.50, Hint of Honey is a pantry staple every health and fitness junkie wants to bee drinking!

  • Alison Morgan
  • reviewreviews

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