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Healthy Product Reviews

Vegan Made Delights

Who says indulging in sweet treats have to come with a side serving of diabetes, heartburn, cholesterol and or cruelty? Vegan Made Delights is here to bring your happy, healthy, animal friendly dose of compassion (and chocolate)!

These vegan, gluten free, gelatin free and GM free chocolates may be missing milk and butter, but they’re stocked up on a whole lot of love. Not to mention other stuff that’s good for you, like raw cane sugar and nuts.

Head on over to  to get your dose of cruelty-free chocolatey goodness!


Wagners Aged Garlic

Traditionally, garlic has been renowned for it’s remedial benefits and preventing cold and flu. However, the beneficial nutrients are commonly overshadowed by the dreaded linger of odorous garlic breath.

Wagner’s Aged Garlic is a garlic extract carrying more benefits than normal garlic cloves, and what’s more, it is odourless! The unique extract is made from organic garlic cloves, which have been naturally aged for up to 20 months. These garlic gloves are grown in controlled conditions without the use of harmful chemical fertilisers, pesticides or herbicides.

The natural process used to create Aged Garlic Extract forms a new compound, called S-allylcensteine. This active ingredient is not only a great source of antioxidants it also helps maintain a healthy circulatory system by regulating blood pressure.

Wagner’s Aged Garlic has encouraged Australians to embrace the nutrient-rich veggie without having to ever fret about odorous breath ever again! Top tip: For an extra immunity boost and antioxidant kick this winter, Aged garlic can easily be added to create flavoursome and vitamin rich meals.

Fluid Growers Fish Tank

A self-cleaning fish tank that grows food? Although it sounds too good to be true, the Aquafarm is a sustainable eco-system that uses the waste of the fish to grow plants and clean the tank water. The Aquafarm is a 3-gallon fish tank combined with a vegetable bed. Spaciously fitting on the kitchen counter, this special fish tank can keep up to 3 fish and 6 plants.

Drawing on ancient agricultural methods developed by the Aztecs, the toxic waste produced by fish is pumped through to the vegetable bed. The growing plants filter the water, collecting the nutrients then circulating clean water back into the tank, the only effort required is feeding the fish. That’s right, this innovative fish tank requires no cleaning!

Aquafarm is a great educational activity for all members of the family. The connection to a personal little ecosystem can teach kids the importance of eating healthy, organic and freshly grown produce. A multitude of herbs including parsley, coriander, rocket and mixed greens can be grown on the vegetable top. The satisfaction of growing fresh plants will create an opportunity for kids to enthusiastically try new greens.

This fish tank will undoubtedly enable you to enjoy the satisfaction of aquaculture and plant cultivation without every having to worry about getting your hands dirty.


  • Alison Morgan
  • lifestylereviewreviews

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