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Product Reviews

Cornelius Krump

Cornelius Krump’s Cucumber Seltzer is the perfect healthy alternative to soft drinks. The original drink is very low in sugar with only 33 calories per bottle and it's all natural with no added preservatives or flavours.

Despite sounding like a bland healthy drink, the cucumber soda water is refreshingly flavoursome. Not only do I love this drink, but surprisingly - so do my kids! I'm actually serving it up at my birthday party this weekend too!

The drink is best served chilled, however if you’re a fan of concoctions, it's the perfect cocktail, mocktail or spirit mixer. The CK website has various serving suggestions.

I have also made ice blocks from the drink which is great to put in a glass of water with lemon & mint.

As this brand is fairly new on the market, it can be a little hard to get a hold of. The CK social media website sends updates on the restaurants or cafes that offer the seltzer, however the easiest way to buy the drink is via their website.

Mork Chocolate
Mork hot chocolate is a small business based in Melbourne. The self described ‘Cacao artisans’ produce deliciously pure chocolate, sourcing ingredients from the oldest cacao growing regions in the world. Seriously YUMMMMM!

Their drinking chocolate blends (pictured above), drift away from commercial sugary drinking powders, offering a variety of delicious hot chocolates in their purest form.

For the lovers of the natural earthy intensity of dark chocolate (that's me!), Mork offer an ‘Even Darker 85%’. The cacao used to make this chocolate is sourced from Sur Del Lago in Venezuela. It lacks the sweetness of the other variations, however the spices and raisins soften the lingering bitterness.

The Breakfast Chocolate made from oat milk, dark chocolate and cinnamon has quite an original yet satisfying flavour. 

Mork’s chocolate is possibly the most pure and natural form available; it is definitely the perfect guilt-free treat!

Arbonne is a botanically based vegan skincare company.

The large range of products available includes;

  • basic skin-care,
  • anti-ageing products
  • baby skincare
  • hand, body & foot moisturisers and
  • makeup

The products aren't tested on animals and don't contain any harmful parabens. However like any skincare product, due to the variation in skin chemistry, this product may not be suitable for everyone. 

Products I've trialled include:

Blush, Blossom 
This simple blush gives a soft rosy highlight to the cheekbone. The natural peachy colour is extracted from fruit and flower extracts. I really love this product and it's lovely on the skin with a natural hint of colour.

Lip Liner, Fuchsia 
From the Arbonne Cosmetics collection, the Lip Liner in the colour Fuchsia is a smudge proof and creamy. The pigments in the lip liner enable a resistant and durable wear of lipstick.

I already have my eyes on picking up another Lip Liner - I really love the creamy texture and staying power!

Smoothed Over Lipstick, Lotus
This Arbonne lipstick is moisturising and pigmented. Infused with fruit extracts, the lip-volumising lipstick has a smooth and glossy finish. To reach its long-wearing potential, it is best to use after an application of the Lip Liner (although I do this with all my lipsticks).

Arbonne Makeup Primer
This luxurious primer helps reduce the appearance of pores and scars, providing a flawless and smooth canvas for makeup. I'd heard from others that use Arbonne how great this product is, and it certainly has lived up to its reputation.

If you know of any healthy products or services you love, feel free to drop me an email. I'd love to hear from you!

  • Alison Morgan
  • lifestylereviewreviews

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