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Prolonging the life of our tan, especially during the dreaded winter months is what many of us long for.

Ecotan, Australia's first and only organic tanning range has been designed to do exactly that. Yip, Yay!!

Ecotan products are certified; synthetic, toxic and cruelty free, and are made from only the best natural ingredients. This includes cacao, herbs, chamomile, fruit and flower extracts.

I've been using the organic body wash and body milk (pictured in the image above) - perfect for these Winter months and dry skin! 

The products encourage healthy and moisturised skin, also great for those who suffer with sensitive skin. 


I'm really enjoying this product (mid-life marine miracle crème) - rich in nutrients, vitamins and marine minerals

Again, this product is fabulous for hydration and reinvigorating the skin (and reducing the lines....!)

Ingredients include seaweed and sea salt extracts which help with rejuvenating skin fibres. I've been using this product daily - smoothing out some of the lines on my face is a seriously big plus!

Farmer Jo 

You may already be familiar with the goodness of Farmer Jo’s, a Sydney founded brand which has taken indulgent breakfasts to a whole new level here in Australia.

Their new and exciting blends of granola and muesli are delicious and suitable for the whole family.

Farmer Jo's fruity smashed berry bircher is made with wholegrain oats, dried strawberries, blueberries and cranberries, along with almonds and crunchy seeds. All ingredients are natural and locally sourced which is very appealing.

Another product in the range I've been enjoying is porridge with maple coconut and chia. Many of you know know that I have a slight addiction to chia(!), so I'm seriously loving this product. Especially with the freezing mornings, a  warm tasty bowl of porridge is the perfect energy boost to start the day.

There are a variety of products in the range, so be sure to check them out on their website.

 Have you tried any of the products above??  I'd love to hear your comments:)

  • Alison Morgan
  • reviewreviews

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