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Healthy product reviews...

Wheat Free Oats

With Celiac disease incidence on the increase, gluten-free foods are becoming more and more available. However, many of these foods actually contain loads of salts or sugar and not much nutrition at all!

I've been trialling a brand of oats which I knew you'd want to know about. The product is known as Gloriously Free Uncontaminated Oats, which are soured from GF Harvest in Wyoming, USA.

There is no contamination of grains (wheat, rye or barley), so you can still have all the health benefits, yet be sure you're eating food suitable for your dietary needs.

As there is no chemical contamination they have far more of a rustic flavour, and their thinner size means they are quicker to cook (helpful for the morning rush!).

Oats are incredibly versatile, so you can add them into smoothies, muffins or rissoles!


Liquid Gold

Liquid Gold is the answer to getting that stunningly golden tan which dries quickly but fades slowly. Bondi Sands newest product is a dry oil and the quickest-drying tanning product from the company.

The oil was created with busy schedules in mind (that's me!). The tan develops over 8 hours and doesn’t require washing off.  

The product also provides built-in vitamin E, fatty acid content, and argan oil to quench dryness whilst building colour. The coconut scent smells like anything but a bad fake tan. Translation: You get a sun-kissed, good-smelling, supermodel glow in a fraction of the time!


Revitalise Brush

Suitable for all skin types, I'm loving this Revitalise Facial Cleansing Brush from Remington. It's a quick and effective way to clean your face.   

The brush was created with the latest in skincare technology, and is suitable to awaken normal, sensitive and dull skin.

Here's a few facts about the brush:

  • Using the brush works 10x better than traditional face washing (with hands or a cloth)
  • Included with the brush are 3 heads for normal, sensitive and massage
  • The dual action head rotates and vibrates to purify skin
  • The cleansing power means skin is better able to absorb makeup, lotion and other skincare products!
  • The brush is waterproof

The Revitalise Brush is great for travel. Its built with worldwide voltage capabilities and one charge is good for up to 30 uses!

The beauty product takes one minute to thoroughly cleanse the face, and includes a timer with gentle pulses programmed to systematically purify skin and help prevent blemishes. 

Sunday Minx

A brand-new, innovative company, Sunday Minx mixes classical designs with modern approaches to create a playful line of towels.

Established in 2015, the products are inspired by European craftsmanship, yet suit the Australian way of life. The line is simply classic and colourful while retaining high quality through the use of 100% Turkish Cotton. 

Turkish cotton material allows for the towels to be:

  • Durable - high-quality, long-lasting product
  • Absorbent - nobody wants a towel that is anything but!!
  • Healthy - 100% natural cotton
  • Quick Drying - dries quicker than the standard cotton or other towel materials
  • Soft - fibres of this cotton are extra long, meaning the towel is ultra soft

Because of the many benefits of Turkish cotton, it is not only the choice of Sunday Minx, but is also the choice of material for the world’s finest hotels

All towels are generously sized and machine washable. This company adds sophistication and elegance, yet some playfulness, to your bathroom space or beach date! The perfect Christmas present too!!!

SCUNCI Active Visor

Get sweaty while still looking stylish 

With the weather warming up and exercise being taken to the outdoors, it is very important to remember to look after your skin. 

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be able to try out the NEW Active Visor from the Australian company, SCUNCI, which is part of their Everyday & Active Collection (in fact, I know my Mum is going to want one for playing tennis in!!!)

The head-wrap is made from super soft material, so it won't damage your hair. The hats also work well if you  have thin hair too!

The Active Visor comes in 3 designs: Black & White Aztec Print; Floral Pink; and Pink or Purple Space Dye Print

What a great range of products - please let me know if you have any feedback.  I'd love to hear from you! x

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