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Natura Siberica

Ethical, responsible, and organically-derived from the nature of Siberia, Natura Siberica now boasts a line of products similar to those used by Russian Royal Families! The company’s line of products recently launched, proudly offers these fabulous products for your skin & hair.

The product range is Certified Organic by the ICEA, and naturally-derived from Siberian ingredients including organic flowers and herbs

Benefits of the products:

  • Contains strong antioxidants
  • Includes protective properties
  • Are based with Siberian Pine Nut Oil (5x richer than Vitamin E)
  • Reinforces the natural barriers of the skin and hair
  • Protects against harsh weather conditions
  • Include ingredients known to slow the ageing process and revitalise the body



We all know the struggle of a mani or pedi with longevity much shorter than preferred. To the rescue is Jamberry Nails, a United States-based company who is one of the fastest growing nail care suppliers in the USA.

Newly available in Australia - I'm understandably excited about this product! The salon-quality nail wraps have over 50 shades of nail lacquers, at- home gel kits, and even mixed nail embellishments. Using and applying all of them is simple, saving stress and time.

I've been playing with a variety of nail wrap designs, and cannot get enough of them. They are long-lasting, non-toxic, and fun!

Seriously the perfect Christmas present for yourself / friend / family member!!!


Power Tube Foam Roller

Stretching and rejuvenating muscles before AND after a workout is so important for overall health. Over the past couple of weeks, I've been rolling out my sore muscles from all the exercise with this Massage Therapy Roller from Powertube Pro.

The Massage Roller uses your own body weight and the Self-Myofascial Release (SMR) technique to reach and comfort hard to reach areas. You can target multiple areas with the roller at a time, and is great for either warming-up or cooling-down after exercise. 


Trilogy Bronzing Gel

I've recently been introduced to the Trilogy Bronzing Gel which is great for achieving an all-natural, chemical-free golden tan.

The product provides a base of vitamin E and aloe vera which moisturises the skin whilst darkening the tone. The initial application gives you instant color, and continues to develop over the following 2-3 hours.

I'm loving that this product smells great (it combines caramel from non-GMO cane sugar with a light tropical fragrance!!). It also holds the NATURE Natural Cosmetics Certification so you can be assured it is completely cruelty-free and kind to the planet. Tan on!

  • Alison Morgan

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