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Hair Care & a Summer Drink!

Alchemy Hair Care

Product build-upchemically-derived oils and additives are certainly very large contributing factors to dull, limp hair.

Alchemy Hair is proud to promise natural products that re-awaken beautiful, natural hair texture and oils whilst strengthening and shining your locks.

Compare healthy haircare to a healthy diet: if you nourish yourself from the inside, you’ll flourish and shine on the outside.

Alchemy hair care ingredients are hand-picked and extracted in their purest form. The company consider chemically-derived products “fast food for hair”, providing a short-term fix with few long-term health benefits. 

I really love the Alchemy Hair Care range, and have most recently be using their leave-in conditioner.

With a unique blend of amino acids, herbal extracts and hair-loving natural oils, Alchemy’s Lavender & Anthyllis Leave-in Conditioner leaves your hair moisturised and strengthened. Ingredients such as Australian jojoba oil and certified organic avocado oil, are carefully chosen and promised to be natural and pure. Alchemy’s Leave-in Conditioner is suitable for all hair types, especially chemically treated and coarse types to help add moisture.

Cornelius Krump

Serious YUM!!! Packed with flavour, unique, natural and refreshing, Cornelius Krump’s line of seltzers provides a healthier drink choice with an exotic twist in each bottle. Perfect for the festive season!

The seltzers were created with the goal of creating a healthy, natural, low-sugar and low-calorie option. I've written about them before here.

Brand-new to Cornelius Krump’s line are 3 fresh new fruit flavours for Summer; mandarin, berrysome blueberry and brilliant banana (all yum!) 

At just 33 calories per bottle, they can play the role of a guilt-free mixer or stand-alone refreshment.  

 If you'd like to scroll through other healthy products I enjoy, click to view images via my Instagram Feed!


  • Alison Morgan
  • lifestylereviewreviews

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