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TRIX Cycles

We've been having a fabulous time cruising around on our new cycles. These bikes are one of a kind, and can handle all types of terrains including sand, snow, water, mud and the road.

These bikes use only the highest quality Shimano parts and TRIX components. The bikes have an aluminum frame with a lifetime warranty. Each of the other components of the bike is covered with a one-year warranty; an assurance many manufacturers can’t match.

We've been enjoying riding around looking at the Christmas lights, and look forward to taking them on a day trip over the holidays. 

You can also join in on the TRIX Community. Just pull up the TRIX blog page and you’ll find frequent postings about new bike routes, products, and health tips. Common interests bring the TRIX community together in a fitness-friendly and fresh way. Also available is the 24/7 customer service line to help with any questions you may have along your newfound quests.

 Check out the TRIX Cycles Here

  • Alison Morgan
  • lifestylereviewreviews

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