The Relauncher

The Art of Online Copywriting


The Relauncher

The Art of Online Copywriting


Are you stuck when it comes to writing copy for your website?

Do you struggle writing effective blog articles for you business?

Unsure how to move your Social Media followers through to your website?

Learn how to overcome these obstacles in Volume 2 of the Mindfulbiz Workbook Series: The Art of Online Copywriting.
Gain traction with your audience to create an engaged community who genuinely want to learn more about your business.

This interactive workbook teaches you my personal approach to writing online copy that converts: 

  • Website
* Homepage
* About Page
* Services / Sales Page
    • Business focused Blog Articles
    • Social Media 

     Online copywriting is the art of compression

    Engage your reader in seconds, and they'll keep coming back for more

    About Alison Morgan:

    I'm a specialist Health & Wellness Business Coach, creator of the Mindfulbiz Podcast and have nearly 20 years experience in Sales and Marketing. You can read more here...

    Modules in this workbook include:

    1. Pep Talk

    • Why writing matters
    • Checklist for effective online copywriting
    • Your bio
    • Search Engine Optimisation 
    • Personal Development

    2. Chunking it Down

    • Understand your audience
    • Targeting activity
    • Headlines 
    • Body Copy
    • Call-to-Action

    3. Let's get Writing

    • Revisiting your Bio
    • Website:
      • Homepage
      • Services Page
      • Sales Page
      • About Page

    4. Biz Blogs & Spreading the Word

    • Fundamental Principles
    • Effective Biz Talk
    • Instagram
    • Twitter
    • Facebook

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      "Alison is one of those rare businesswomen and entrepreneurs, who combines an easy-going, kind and generous nature with the powerful trio of focus, determination and impact.

      She stands out to me as someone who knows what she wants, and will create it from a space of generosity, not fear. If she gives you guidance, you can trust it." Cassie Mendoza-Jones. Author, Kinesiologist and Naturopath


      "Alison makes business fun - everything in this workbook makes so much sense. I love writing my blog posts and I really get a lot out of connecting with my community, but if you want to take your brand, blog or online business to the next level, this is a must-read.” Jessica Sepel, Nutritionist & Blogger

      Photo Credit: Eden Grill